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Both Amazon Advertising and Amazon DSP have made an impact on brands' strategies. When used together, search and programmatic advertising capture intent, demand, and target shoppers based on these behaviors. But, brands need to make sure they’re driving traffic to quality content designed to convert visitors. Continue reading to learn why focusing on product page optimization is essential to your advertising campaigns.

Without Advertising Brands Rely on Organic Search 

Advertising and product page optimization are two separate areas of focus on Amazon. But, they're most effective when used together. Otherwise, brands that don’t invest in advertising solely rely on organic traffic.

When this is the case, since so much of Amazon’s search algorithm is based on sales velocity, product page optimization alone is typically not enough to make listings discoverable. In a recent blog post, we explain Amazon search rankings in detail. 

Advertising Directed to Unoptimized Pages Fails 

page optimization
Page Optimization

More than 60% of consumers say images are more impactful than product descriptions. Not only do optimized images help brands stand out from the competition, but they give shoppers the information needed to make a purchase. This information is especially effective when displayed in an ad.

Beyond the image library, it’s important to also consider elements such as keywords, title length, and the format of bullet points. 

Product Page Optimization and Advertising are Most Effective Together 

For your brand’s products to rank highly in Amazon’s search results, listings need to build sales velocity. Otherwise, to be discovered on Amazon, it’s necessary to invest in advertising. So, our clients see the highest rates of conversions once listings are optimized, traffic is driven through advertising, and sales history is established. 

At Marketplace Strategy, we have strategists that specialize in all facets of Amazon’s ecosystem. Because of this, both the technical and advertising teams communicate. As a result, we’re able to make the most impact by bringing these two strategic disciplines together to work for our clients.

Even with a solid advertising strategy in place, product page optimization will make a significant difference in converting shoppers into customers. Keep this information in mind when your brand implements its next round of advertising. While Amazon Advertising and DSP are both powerful tools, leading people to fully optimized pages with variations, content, and creative will lead to greater sales. 

If your brand could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. As always, we’re here to answer any questions.

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