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A+ Pages provide prospective customers with engaging and meaningful product information, helping them make informed buying decisions. By educating the consumer about your product and brand, A+ Page content can increase sales on average 3-10%, according to Amazon.

In order to create a well-designed, fully developed, and highly effective A+ Page—and in turn increase conversion rates—follow these 3 vital guidelines:

1) Design A+ Pages with Highly Visual Content

Leverage the A+ Page banners, as they encourage the use of visual content. Designing the A+ Page in a highly visual manner will break up your product detail page and grab the attention of consumers with beautifully branded images. Make sure your images have the proper size and resolution requirements (otherwise they will be rejected), and always proofread prior to submission.

Amazon A+ Page - Marketplace Strategy

2) Be Direct and Consistent

Keep the amount of text in your A+ Page banners to a minimum, making sure to communicate directly and simply. Develop these modules to highlight not only the best features of your product but also the reliability of your brand. When planning and creating your A+ Pages, have your entire brand in mind. The design of your content should be consistent across the board and represent the tone of all your products and your brand.

3) Utilize Charts to Cross Sell Related Products

Utilizing a comparison chart to display related products gives the consumer a chance to discover more of your products without having to navigate away from the detail page and your brand. For example, these charts can display options within the same product line, items similar to that product, or complementary items that may be used with the product itself.

Following these three vital guidelines will help your brand to create well-designed, fully developed, and highly effective A+ Pages.

Amazon A+ Page - Marketplace Strategy



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