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A+ Pages (for the most part) aren’t free. In that respect, they’re unique to any other element of the Amazon product page. For that reason, there’s a similarly unique need to substantiate their ‘purchase’ by maximizing their potential impact.

By nature, A+ Pages assist in adding relevant content to assist in organic search, and they’re typically used on some level to add a branded look and feel to the product page, but their impact shouldn’t stop there.

A well-designed fully developed A+ Page can do much more by helping to increase conversion rates and maximizing cross-selling opportunities.

Here are a few simple paths to increasing the beneficial effects of your A+ Pages:


1) Charts & Product Comparisons

Amazon’s interface still doesn’t do a particularly good job of allowing brands to showcase multiple products (and certainly not to compare them.) Brand pages can help with this to an extent, but they’re still not an especially well-developed feature, and driving traffic there can be difficult.

A great alternative is to create product comparison charts on A+ Pages.

There’s not only informational value involved in allowing a potential customer to understand the differences between the product they’re currently viewing vs. others in the brand, but it also can help redirect that customer should they realize a different product is a more ideal fit for their needs.

Including a comparison chart increases the likelihood a shopper will purchase from your brand despite determining they need to locate a different product.

From a customer service standpoint, it’s also beneficial to include these charts to better the chance a shopper purchases the product that includes all the features they desire, lessening the risk of a return, bad review, or simply an unsatisfied customer.

A+ Page Cross Sell


2) Frequently Asked Questions

A small Frequently Asked Questions module incorporating answers to a few common considerations about a product can go a long way in pushing a potential customer to click the Buy Box.

By answering typical questions about compatibility or features, as well as factors perhaps overlooked, can provide the customer additional confidence they’re purchasing the correct product. It also can serve to highlight information that may be more difficult to determine when looking at competitive product pages.

Similar to comparison charts, there is a customer service component here as well. By answering commonly-asked, but perhaps overlooked, questions a brand can reduce returns and increase overall customer satisfaction.

A+ Page Frequently Asked Questions


3) Displaying Complementary Items & Accessories

The cross-sell opportunities are significant on A+ Pages, given the ability to clearly outline the products that accompany or are complementary to the product currently being viewed by the consumer.

While Amazon’s interface does allow some functionality to display and offer accessories that accompany a product, this can be accomplished more creatively and substantively within an A+ Page, where complementary products can be organized more clearly and can include a direct link to the item.


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