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Amazon Store
Amazon Store

A few weeks ago, MPS strategists observed a notable change to many of our clients’ product detail pages (PDPs). Under the product title and above the star rating, the language of the clickable URL read ‘Visit BRAND NAME Store’. Usually, this language reads simply the brand’s name. However, through the weeks to follow, the new language appeared less often and eventually not at all. Continue reading to learn more about how an Amazon Store can benefit brands.

What Does This Look Like?

Below is an example of a brand that saw this change. This wording provides shoppers an understanding of how they can discover more products.

Amazon Store
Amazon Store

What Does This Mean? 

The average Amazon shopper may not understand what an Amazon Store is and how they work. Using clearer and more direct language could raise awareness and educate consumers. It also could drive increased visibility to Stores, making it more important than ever to invest in a strong Store presence and strategy.

What Have MPS Strategists Observed so Far? 

MPS strategists first noticed this update in late May. Since then, the URL language has returned to normal. This was likely another instance of Amazon’s A/B testing. When it first started, some team members saw the updated language when viewing a product while others saw the traditional link.

Strategic Insight and Recommendations

Although this update was seemingly short-lived, it could return for further testing. We hope to see more of it moving forward because it could drive meaningful traffic to our clients’ stores. The possibility of Stores being promoted by Amazon validates our client’s investment in their own Stores.

MPS has worked with major brands to create and update their Amazon Stores. They’re fully customizable and free to registered brands to bring the feel of in-store shopping to the online marketplace. Creating or updating a Store on Amazon is an involved process requiring technical, design, and content expertise.

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. Or, if you have any questions about your brand’s Amazon Store, feel free to contact us

Amazon Store


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