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No longer will brands be confined to the simple constraints of an AMS Brand Page to showcase themselves on Amazon.

Amazon recently announced the creation of Amazon Stores: a free, self-service tool allowing brands to create single and multi-page “stores” on Amazon to showcase their brand and collections of their products. Amazon Stores is designed for web on desktop, mobile, and tablet, allowing consumers to shop a brand across channels.

AmazonBasics - Store Page

Where will they live?

Amazon consumers access a Store through the same path they currently access a Brand Page: via the blue brand name link displayed under or above product titles on a product’s detail page. They also can reach the page directly via the short URL (

Also, like Brand Pages, Amazon Stores can also be discovered through AMS advertising, linked through a Headline Search ad, which is displayed at the top of search results pages.


Why Should I?

Overall, AMS Brand Pages are very simplistic and offer very little in the way of customization beyond a header banner, a showcase of products, small, somewhat customizable featured links, content, and finally social media buttons. By utilizing the Amazon Store builder, vendors and sellers have access to an array of customizable content “tiles,” including images and video, product grids, galleries, and lists of best sellers. Most importantly, Amazon Stores allow brands to present themselves to consumers in a way that more mirrors that of their own website.


What do Amazon Stores look like?

A great example is the Amazon Basics’s new Store. If it weren’t for the standard Amazon search bar at the top of the page, the Amazon Basics store could fool you into thinking it’s a standard website. Amazon Basics utilizes a multi-page Store with a full hero banner, navigation, various content tiles from text to text + image, and product tiles, and finally, a footer encouraging social sharing. The store showcases the brand and its products via beautifully crisp lifestyle images, resulting in a much more modern feel than the typical AMS brand page.

Amazon Stores are a new option for Amazon merchants, and Marketplace Strategy is delving into the many possibilities, as our designers and strategists are already underway creating new Amazon Stores for many of our clients.

As this exciting process moves forward, we will be sharing our knowledge with you in a multi-part series on how to best utilize and create your Amazon Store.

AmazonBasics - Store Page

AmazonBasics - Store Page

AmazonBasics - Store Page


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