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There are several reasons why brands may want to create or update their Amazon Store. Stores are used to increase engagement and provide shoppers with a centralized place to learn about a brand and its products. Continue reading to learn more about how creative and design strategists work with a client to build their Amazon Store.

What is an Amazon Store?  

Amazon Stores are free to registered brands and translate across any device to give shoppers a seamless experience. Consumers can find a brand’s store through the blue brand name link displayed under or above product titles on a product’s detail page. Brands can also link to stores through advertising options like Sponsored Brands (formerly known as Headline Search Ads.)  

Stores are customizable and allow brands to provide an ideal user experience possible for their shoppers. Amazon Stores make it possible to bring an in-store feel to online shopping. They also include social sharing options and provide brands a unique URL, making it easier to promote their presence off-Amazon.

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How Does Marketplace Strategy Approach a Client’s Amazon Store? 

Marketplace Strategy has dedicated design strategists working with clients to help them create the best brand presence possible on Amazon. At a high-level, creative strategists focus on these client needs when building an Amazon Store:

  • First, if the client has an existing store, it likely holds useful insights to drive our strategy. For example, this data can help us understand which pages drive the most traffic and sales, and which products are most popular.

  • With this information at hand, we begin to organize our client’s content. During this stage, the store navigation and page setup are top of mind.

  • Next, we take into consideration our client’s digital presence. A brand's Amazon Store should mirror their company website and social strategy. This helps provide a consistent experience for shoppers.

  • Once we have an idea of what a store should look like, it's time to decide which visuals to use. It’s important to include a mixture of lifestyle imagery, feature callouts, and more

  • The homepage is the most important piece of a Brand Store since it has the potential to impact the greatest number of visitors. Creative strategists put best sellers or priority products here and take particular advantage of real estate above the fold.

  • Creative strategists also consider important keywords and place best sellers at the top of pages.

In the next section, learn more about our experience building Portofino Tuna's Amazon Store.

Marketplace Strategy and Portofino Tuna

During the planning phase for Portofino Tuna’s Amazon Store, there was an existing store for us to examine. The original store was one page and displayed four total products. Using a variety of tools, MPS’s technical analysts found consumers were using keywords related to pouches and cans to search for Portofino products. This information let us know it was important to showcase the different ways Portofino packaged its products. 

The final product mirrors Portofino’s company website. Our client provided lifestyle imagery we put front and center to make a strong first impression of the brand. To add dimension to these images, creative strategists added feature callouts and icons. The new store expands to multiple pages, including About and Recipes pages. These additional pages give consumers another way to shop and a different way to learn about the brand and how products are used.  

The Portofino team said the following about their experience, “It was great working with MPS on another brand within our portfolio. Their expertise allowed them to quickly and efficiently create a customized Amazon Store. It encompasses our brand’s overall look and feel and is optimized to succeed on the platform. We were under a month from start to launch, which is phenomenal timing to report back to leadership.”

An Amazon Store plays an important role in how shoppers interact with a brand, and they have the potential to increase customer loyalty and sales. However, it’s crucial your Amazon Store is properly optimized from a creative and strategic standpoint to make an impact. If your brand needs support in creating an Amazon Store, schedule a free consultation. And as always, we’re here to help and answer any questions

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