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Listing Quality Dashboard
Listing Quality Dashboard

At MPS, listing quality is a major focus throughout our clients’ strategies. Our technical strategists dedicate their time to ensuring client catalogs are pristine. Doing so allows our brands to reach their full potential when it comes to sales, reputation, discovery, and more. And, earlier this month, our Seller Central accounts received an exciting message. A new ‘Listing Quality Dashboard’ was introduced. Here we share what we know about the tool and how it will make a difference.

The Purpose of this Update

The Listing Quality Dashboard will help sellers identify ASINs with incomplete backend attributes. Within the dashboard, sellers can fill in missing fields and improve discoverability, shopper experience, and return rates.

Listing Quality Dashboard

Strategic Considerations

Amazon is almost always testing new tactics to improve both the seller and the shopper experience. And, over the last several months, we’ve noticed significant changes to product detail pages and the search results. All of which have heavily featured product attributes. Therefore, the release of the Listing Quality Dashboard makes sense.

Below are two examples of recent changes to the search results. When searching for a product, filtering is more noticeable and located at the top and within the middle of the results page. Usually, filtering options are located on the left side of the page. 

In these examples, ‘shop by printer output’ and ‘shop by color’ are clearly displayed.

Listing Quality Dashboard

On product detail pages, above the bullet points, some sellers have a ‘Product Overview’ section displayed. Product Overview is in beta and was designed to provide shoppers a new way to understand a product's most important features.

In this example of a Product Overview, back end attributes like ‘brand’, ‘model name’, and ‘color’ are included. This section can also include category and product-specific attributes. 

In this example, ‘connectivity technology’ and ‘headphones form factor’ are listed.

It’s not uncommon for sellers to overlook the need for complete and correct information within a product’s backend attributes. This dashboard should serve as a reminder of Amazon's increased focus on backend attributes and quality control. Now that a valuable tool is readily available, complete and correct information input should be easier. 

From a seller’s perspective, this is important for a number of reasons. First, products with missing attributes may not be included when shoppers use in-search filtering options. By addressing missing attributes on an ASIN level, sellers can improve product discoverability.

Then, brands can also use this dashboard to ensure the Product Overview section is complete. Otherwise, the shopper experience, and ultimately sales and return rates, could be negatively impacted.

Final Thoughts

A holistic approach to Amazon and other marketplaces is crucial to success. In part, proactive catalog management is essential and can make a difference in a seller’s bottom line. Through this new dashboard, sellers have the guidance and prompt to improve the quality of their listings. 

Amazon’s increased focus on complete backend attributes also applies to brands that sell on Vendor Central. For now, Vendor Central doesn’t have a Listing Quality Dashboard. But, brands with incomplete attributes could receive a message like the below from support.

At MPS our strategists use a proprietary tool to address any problems with listings immediately. This software also helps our teams uncover new opportunities. Now, with the Listing Quality Dashboard, these efforts will be reinforced and our clients will have double the protection. 

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, as always, we’re here to answer any questions about your Amazon presence.

Listing Quality Dashboard


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