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Several weeks ago, Marketplace Strategy (MPS) strategists were delighted to learn about Amazon’s Listing Quality Dashboard now available in Seller Central. We shared an update on the MPS blog and hoped something similar would be developed for our Walmart clients. Shortly after this news from Amazon, Walmart released its own Listing Quality Dashboard in Seller Center. Continue reading for what we know about Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard.

The Purpose of this Update

Walmart Seller Center
Walmart Seller Center

Within Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard, Sellers have access to a grading scale for each listing and an overall score for their catalog. It’s meant to help Sellers understand performance and how to improve listings and increase sales. The dashboard can be found in a brand’s Seller Center account under ‘Growth Opportunities’.

Although this follows Amazon, it’s a great move for Walmart as it builds out its e-commerce offering. Walmart is providing its sellers a clear line of sight into what’s important to rank well and successfully sell on its channel. We believe this grading scale will allow Sellers to better judge their catalog’s completeness and nudge Sellers to do what it takes to earn a 100% grade.

Strategic Considerations

There are a few similarities between Amazon and Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard. Most notably, each tool highlight missing attributes important to discoverability; content and discoverability, offer, ratings, and reviews. However, Walmart’s dashboard is more robust and offers Sellers more value. 

Walmart Seller Center

By breaking out its grading system into three categories, as seen in the above image, it removes the guesswork for Sellers. A fourth category, Post-Purchase Quality, will be coming soon. These insights will allow Sellers to understand which items are lacking and how to fix any issues quickly and easily.  

Final Thoughts 

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard could be interpreted as Walmart being proactive and cleaning up its marketplace. This is one advantage of being a relatively new channel; it’s possible to learn from others’ mistakes and challenges. Instead of retroactively motivating sellers to polish their presence, Walmart can enforce this from the start. We look forward to the future of and helping our clients leverage Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces. 

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Walmart Seller Center


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