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As we bid farewell to another eventful year, it's only fitting that we take a moment to look back at the incredible projects and collaborations that truly embraced our creative spirit. From captivating visuals that brought brands to life to innovative marketing strategies that made waves, here's a recap of the highlights that shaped 2023 from Code3 Creative Strategists.

Crafted Immersive Brand Experiences for Bonafide Health

Our collaboration with Bonafide Health took storytelling to new heights as our Code3 Creative Strategists created freestanding print assets for a crucial presentation. These visuals went beyond the traditional trade show booth and served as a powerful medium, immersing visitors in the beauty, science, and innovation that define Bonafide's brand. The result? A compelling narrative that left a lasting impression.

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Additionally, when the buzz surrounding Dr. Shieva Ghofrany’s Revaree’s video was palpable across social media, Bonafide entrusted Code3 Creative Strategists to transform this energy into a compelling TV spot. Supplementing this campaign with a direct mail marketing strategy, Code3 Creative Strategists brought the brand to life on screen and in homes, fostering a connection with the audience through strong branding and genuine communication.

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Contest Development to Engage the eSalon Community

eSalon’s "Highlight Of Your Life" contest was a highlight itself, ringing in top engagement numbers for the year. Code3 Creative Strategists' process involved not only developing a captivating name, but also crafting a campaign that encouraged users to nominate those who bring color into their lives. A wild success, this campaign aligned perfectly with the brand’s ethos. The winner received a year of free color, a cash prize, and a ton of love, cultivating a sense of community and celebration.

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A Flirty, Fun, and Very Pink Sunless Mystic Tan Shoot

A one-day shoot for the Sunless Mystic Tan line captured net-new, in-studio content that translated into six unique video assets, as well as a robust library of digital-first content. With a mix of models, products, and playful applications, the end results were not just top-notch, but also left Code3’s client beaming. The videos exuded flirtiness and fun, with a hint of education, ultimately providing content that can seamlessly flex across various channels and be used in evergreen campaigns moving forward.
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Social Listening Turns Into Real-Time Activation for Daily Harvest

The power of daily community management had its spotlight when Code3 Creative Strategists seized a unique opportunity involving Daily Harvest, brand partner Isaac Boots, and Kelly Ripa. Turning a simple interaction into real-time activation, Code3 Creative Strategists moved quickly to design tattoos inspired by Daily Harvest, invite followers to vote, and turn the winning design into a temporary tattoo that was sent to Isaac for a playful response on social platforms. This spontaneous, yet strategic, move added a tangible, artistic element to Daily Harvest's social presence.

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Influencer Strategies that Soared for Shaka Tea + Evolution Fresh

Collaborating with Shaka Tea and Evolution Fresh showcased the synergy between Code3’s Creative and Media teams. From media strategy and sourcing to briefing and launch, Code3 Creative Strategists and Media Strategists curated influencer campaigns that not only resonated with the brands, but performed exceptionally well. With over 1.6k shares for Shaka Tea and overwhelmingly positive comments for Evolution Fresh, it's evident that the approach delivered stellar results.

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2023 was a year of triumphs for Code3’s Creative team. Here's to another year of pushing boundaries, telling compelling stories, and creating lasting impressions! 2024, we’re ready for you. 



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