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Last week, the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas was less about their usual offerings of gambling and showgirls, and more about cutting-edge technology of the future. We’re talking, of course, about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an annual event recognized as one of the largest and most influential trade shows in the world.

Code3 Strategists were able to attend to explore the array of innovations on display at the show and engage with our partners at Amazon Ads throughout the week. The collaborative atmosphere at CES allowed for valuable discussions, networking, and the exchange of ideas and feedback with key players in the industry.

Code3 witnessed firsthand the groundbreaking products and emerging trends that are shaping the future of consumer electronics and specifically, ad technology that marketers should embrace in 2024. If you couldn’t attend CES - or even if you could - we’re sharing some of our standouts in AdTech, exciting new consumer electronic products and marketing below. 

The Evolving Advertising Landscape

Addressability in a cookieless world continues to be a huge topic of conversation as brands look for ways to continue to deliver customized messages to consumers. Amazon Ads hosted a fireside chat with representatives from Dotdash meredith and Warner Bros. Discovery to highlight their partnerships to merge content signals to Amazon’s 1P purchase data, enabling the connection between content and commerce.

As cookies are disappearing, anonymized data sharing between platforms is emerging as a solution, resulting in a better understanding of consumers. By tailoring messages to a more defined audience, brands and marketers are increasing the relevance of their ads and likely improving campaign effectiveness.  

Additionally, Amazon is continuing to push further into leveraging its shopping and entertainment signals combined with its historical strengths in artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance existing predictive audiences capable of driving business outcomes throughout the funnel. This includes reaching shoppers using non-traditional identifiers like cookies, and who spend the majority of their time online within cookieless or cookie-limited environments, such as iOS devices or browsers such as Safari or Firefox.

Experiential Marketing in the Skies

A unique, defined creative strategy has long been the best way to stand out in a crowded market, and Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer at Delta, shared how she’s working to reimagine their creative strategy. Speaking at the Equality Lounge hosted by The Female Quotient, Tillman shared how Delta is working to capture the emotion of how consumers feel during their flying experience. This includes highlighting what sets them apart from their competitors, such as pilots greeting travelers on their flight and having their own trading cards they can give to travelers, being one of the last airlines to fill the middle seat in the post-pandemic and much more.

Additionally, Delta looked to bring their branding and name to more consumers on the ground. The airline sponsored in-person events such as art exhibits and allowed for SkyMiles to be redeemed for attendance. In 2023, the airline offered free WiFi to SkyMiles members. Customer loyalty is an important aspect in the aviation industry, and Delta’s new WiFi policy was a way to reach Gen Z and build their allegiance earlier in life.

A Smart Home in the Amazon Experience Area

We went home when entering the Amazon Experience Area - literally. This unique and engaging exhibit of a home from Amazon showcased how ambient intelligence from Alexa can make every day better, with use cases displayed in every room of the home. Amazon's smart home offerings on display included the latest innovations of Echo speakers, smart displays, smart cameras, thermostats, doorbell cameras, smart lighting and much more.

More importantly, it was also an opportunity to get a first look at a few of Amazon’s new partnerships for 2024:

Panasonic announced a global partnership with Amazon, revealing plans to integrate Fire TV into its upcoming smart TVs starting in 2024. With Fire TV integration and Alexa accessibility, customers can immerse themselves in a world of entertainment options, ranging from live content to various streaming apps and services.

Continued Focus on AI

The focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning remained prominent throughout CES 2024. LG introduced a smart home AI robot that can move, learn, understand, and participate in complex conversations. Serving as a comprehensive home manager and companion, LG's smart life solution enriches users' everyday experiences, exemplifying the company's dedication to the vision of a "Zero Labor Home."

Another favorite was from an Alexa Fund portfolio company, Embodied, Inc., who specializes in AI-powered robotic companions. They presented the advancement of their Moxie AI Robot which provides children with emotional and academic support and is set to be available for purchase in 2024. The Alexa Fund actively supports and invests in technologies and startups that drive innovation in fields such as artificial intelligence, smart devices, and new media.

CES 2024 clearly demonstrated the rapid evolution of the consumer electronics and technology landscape. These trends offer a sneak peek into a future of increased integration, personalization, and interactivity of technology across various aspects of our lives. CES 2024 provided a preview of the remarkable future that lies ahead, and Code3 is excited to have a front row seat to what comes next. 



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