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Search campaigns that push the boundaries and embrace unconventional strategies often stand out among the crowd. This past year marks several examples of brands breaking the mold, targeting new audiences, and achieving impressive results. Code3 Search Strategists have highlighted a few of their favorite campaigns of 2023. Dive in below!

Expanding the Horizons for Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals, known for its wellness supplements, departed from their typical audiences by targeting school supply shoppers. The campaign our Code3 Search Strategists built centered around the message "Are Supplements on Your Back-To-School List?", which aimed to tap into the bustling market of those gearing up for the academic year. It was a bold move that opened the doors to a new segment, showcasing the brand's versatility and adaptability.

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Carhartt’s Holiday Adventure

Partnering with the Weather Channel, Carhartt ventured into the holiday season with a creative twist — a video featuring Santa clad in Carhartt gear. While holiday-themed promotions aren’t novel, Carhartt’s approach was refreshing, leveraging Sponsored Brand Video campaigns to captivate shoppers. The integration of a dedicated Holiday logo and a Gift Guide on their brand store to allow shoppers to browse through the gift recommendations, set them apart and demonstrated a robust embrace of the festive season. The campaign proved fruitful, with a noteworthy ROAS of $12+, showcasing the power of innovative holiday marketing.

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Amplifying Movie Magic for Paramount

Paramount’s release of its new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie sparked an impactful campaign. Armed with movie-specific assets and a tailored logo, Code3 Search Strategists orchestrated a strategic push. Incorporating movie-related keywords and a client-provided tagline, Code3 Search Strategists drove exceptional sales, reeling in over $673,601 through Paramount’s Amazon Store.
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Market Disruption for SharkNinja

With collaboration from the SharkNinja team, Code3 Search Strategists were able to take a tactical and disruptive approach to AMS during a peak time of the year. By identifying competitor ASINs meeting specific criteria:

  1. Not our product
  2. A ROAS over $30 within our search term report
  3. CTR over 1%
  4. At least 25
Code3 Search Strategists honed in on Fall Prime Day and T5 to strategically target these products. The outcome was astonishing — $54K in spend resulted in $219K of advertising sales, with a ROAS of $4 and 983 orders. This audacious move allowed SharkNinja to swiftly snatch market share from competitors, a feat worthy of celebration in the competitive landscape the brand lives in.

unnamed (32)These campaigns exemplify the strategic thinking our Code3 Search team. From redefining target audiences to embracing seasonal themes and cleverly disrupting market dynamics, each approach showcases the art of adaptation and calculated risk-taking - leading to a successful 2023 and a strong position moving forward into the new year. 



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