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It’s a new year, and you have big goals for your brand. That's awesome! Like many brands, there's a possibility you've forgotten some of your core branding principles in all of your planning. It happens – as brands grow and change, they must continuously work on branding and make sure their brand identity aligns with goals and strategies. 

So how can you go into 2023 knowing your brand is ready to achieve all the big things you have planned? We’ve put together a branding checklist to help you make sure your brand is in the best place to succeed this year. 

See the checklist below! Let us know how your brand is doing and how we can help.  

Branding Checklist

This branding checklist can help you jumpstart your branding efforts so your brand is aligned and ready to support your goals this year. 

Updated Mission Statement

When you were first working on your business's branding, you probably put together a fantastic mission statement. But when was the last time you updated it? Or…even thought much about it? We know that a brand’s mission statement, story, and values are what help it connect with customers and build a loyal customer base. It’s possible that this has changed as your brand has grown and you choose new goals. Make sure your mission statement is updated and still reflects the very best of your brand, what you do, and what you believe in.

Social Media Presence

All brands should have an active social media presence. So, how are your socials doing? Are they active, up to date, and reflect who you are as a company? Are your brand messaging and logos consistent across your channels? Before you dive into all of your big plans, it’s essential to make sure your social media presence is ready. No matter the size of your company or how you use social media, your social presence is a reflection of your brand and should at the very least represent your values in a professional way. 

Consider All Touch Points

Often, we get wrapped up in our successes and forget to consider all of our touchpoints. It’s true that not every touch point leads to conversions or a sale, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them. It’s wise to do an audit to see all of your touchpoints, and consider where people are dropping off – that dropoff could be the result of branding issues like your website or social being outdated. Or, you might be missing out on unique branding experiences or customer service opportunities.

New and Improved Audience Profiles

As our goals change and grow, so do our audiences. Plus, the audiences themselves may not be the same people as the ones we started out with – in a changing world with changing technology, audiences can change and adapt rapidly, and new tech can help reveal more interesting things about them. Updating your audience and customer profiles will help you reach more people in effective ways. 

Creative Customer Service

Now, you may not have a brand that offers little in the way of direct customer contact. However, as a brand, you should always think of customer service in creative ways. Any potential to reach customers, or have customers reach you, can be considered customer service. It's on you to think of creative ways to take advantage of those opportunities, and the processes that can make it happen. 

You probably noticed that several things on our branding checklist are the same types of actions you took while setting up your brand identity and launching your business. That’s true, and it’s on purpose. The point is that you should always be evaluating your company’s branding - what you’re doing, how well you’re doing it, and how well it aligns with your current goals. Branding is an ongoing process and needs to be evaluated and updated if you're going to successfully meet your goals each year. 

Interested in working with us to reach your goals this year and beyond? Contact us to learn more.



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