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Happy Earth Month! To celebrate, Code3 is highlighting some of our incredible brand partners who go above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. 

These brands use sustainable resources, look for climate-friendly practices, and have taken pledges to help improve the environment and promote responsible business ethics. 

Check out these brands and the steps they've taken, and reach out to learn more about how we can help you take climate-friendly steps on Amazon and more. 

Winning Sustainable Brands

These brands have taken specific steps to lower their environmental impact and improve sustainability. With sustainability making waves in multiple industries, these brands are leaders in how we think about changing products and how we consume them. 

Boxed Water is Better

Boxed Water is Better is a certified Carbon Neutral product by Climate Impact Partners. Their signature cartons are 92% plant-based and are proven to be better and more sustainable than any other packaging materials. Boxed Water's mission to decrease the world's trash (especially plastic) encompasses many goals and initiatives. Boxed Water also supports the One Million Trees project and has a Climate Friendly Badge designation on Amazon. 

House of Marley

House of Marley is committed to creating turntables and speakers with natural bamboo and their signature eco-friendly fabric and silicone. They use recyclable aluminum and recycled plastic and products are delivered in 100% recyclable packaging. 

The brand contributes proceeds from product sales to support global reforestation through Project Marley, and since 2017 has helped with the planting of 146,000 trees through One Tree Planted. House of Marley has a Climate Friendly Badge designation on Amazon. 

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is built on sustainability-sourced fruits and veggies and advocates a regenerative farming system that works with nature, not against it. The brand supports organic, biodiverse agriculture without synthetic chemicals that can improve our ecosystem and reduce our individual carbon footprints. 

Daily Harvest's packaging and recycling guide also gives in-depth information on how to dispose of all of their different types of sustainable packaging. 

Tractor Beverage 

Tractor Beverage is all organic and committed to growing an organic world. Their impact tracker provides up-to-date info on how you're personally helping the environment by drinking Tractor. Tractor promotes a truly grassroots effort to change how we consume food and beverages and gives you empowering information so you can see your impact. 


Chipotle has been committed to Food with Integrity and innovating the fast food industry since the brand's start in 1993. Chipotle's 2022 Sustainability Report promotes transparency in the quick-service restaurant industry. It helps its consumers understand their personal impact and the impact of the company on the industry and the world. 


EC30, a household cleaning products and self-care brand, is made with minimum ingredients and all-compostable or recyclable packaging. Each product is effective and sustainable. The brand also offsets its carbon emissions. 

Code3 is proud to support sustainable brands in our work in Creative, Connections, and Commerce. See more of our work with our brands and contact us to learn more about how we can help your brand win. 



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