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There are countless agencies to tap into when choosing an Amazon partner. But, these are not a one size fits all engagement. We get it, you need someone you can rely on to help fuel growth and sales. Here we explain the importance of a partner who's competencies align with your goals.

Amazon Partner

Amazon is an ever-changing platform with unlimited opportunities to reach new customers. Investing in a partnership that serves as a support system and guide produces significant growth. Your team should master strategy development, execution, and be agile with analytics. Seems simple enough, right? We all know Amazon is a colossal beast to wrangle and it’s more complex than strategy and analytics.

Here is how your Amazon partner should support you and your brand.    

Act as a Strategic Consultant

Have you ever heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”? It’s nearly impossible for brands to know everything about Amazon and what it can do for their sales. That’s why they should convey every option to help you make decisions tailored to your unique future in retail.

Be a Professional at Product Page Optimization

Your ideal partner understands that optimization across mediums is not the same. For example, Google best-practices may not always drive the best results on Amazon. True experts leverage what makes the marketplace unique to perform for your brand.

Dominate Design Strategy and User Experience

It’s a common misconception that Amazon does the work for you when it comes to design. This is far from true—you have the potential to impact sales with strategic design. Whether you’re dabbling with your A+ page, Enhanced Brand Content, or your Brand Store, your partner should guide you to the next level.

Excel in Amazon Advertising Management

Advertising is Amazon’s fastest-growing segment. This means dollars once invested in Google and Facebook are finding their way to Amazon. A solid partner will be in tune with this shift and be able to grapple Amazon’s nuances with ease.

Provide and Leverage Efficient Technology

For brands with many listings, it’s a battle to manage constant additions to your catalog. Duplicate listings, broken variations, and more add up and impact revenue growth. Technology is available to uncover optimization opportunities that clean up for you.

The bottom line is, not every Amazon partner is the same. You will thank yourself for doing research to find the best team. If you need support in the areas we explained above, request a free consultation. Our experts will be happy to discuss your past, present, and future on Amazon.


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