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Code3 is an Amazon business partner. This title comes with exciting opportunities, but more importantly, means that we are considered certified experts in Amazon marketing and can better help our clients.

So what exactly does it mean to be an Amazon business partner and what are the benefits? Does it help our clients succeed on Amazon and elsewhere? 

Read more to find out how we use our knowledge every day for businesses of all sizes and types.

What Is an Amazon Business Partner?

An Amazon Business Partner is a business that is certified and accepted by Amazon as a part of its business program. These businesses get: 

  • Access to Amazon Business Partner-only content and enablement
  • Listing in the Partner Network Directory
  • Opportunity to use the Amazon Business logo and Partner badge
  • Eligibility for co-hosted Amazon Business customer webinars
  • Eligibility for customer case study
  • Access to an Amazon Business Partner Success Manager
  • Access to an Amazon Business Solutions Architect

Companies have to apply to be a part of the Business Partner program, giving credibility to those businesses that are accepted. 

What Do They Do? 

There is a variety of industries and business types that Amazon Partners are involved in. Basically, the purpose of the program is to give businesses the tools to help other businesses succeed. If you align with an Amazon partner like Code3, you’ll have access to all of the powerful tools Amazon offers, and the expertise of the partner.

Why Did We Become an Amazon Partner? 

In addition to the opportunities that come along with us being an Amazon partner, the main reason we became a partner is to better serve our clients. Not only do our clients get to use Amazon's business services, but they have us to guide them through strategy and their campaigns.


It’s a network. So aligning yourself with Amazon business partners means you’re getting access to everything we know and learned and all of our connections, too. Plus, you get access to ever-changing solutions and strategies and the support of major businesses. 

Amazon is one of the biggest players in the world for commerce, and utilizing its business tools enables you to truly unlock your potential as a company. 

Working with us also means you get the expertise of an award-winning digital marketing agency plus an Amazon business partner all in one. We can help you succeed in commerce, creative, and media, paired with our inside knowledge and abilities with Amazon platforms. 

Opportunity for Small Businesses

Small businesses are our bread and butter – we even have an entire division dedicated to small businesses, Elevate. We love working with businesses of all sizes, and working with an Amazon partner is an effective and economical way for small businesses to get into the Amazon game and more. We have numerous solutions and packages to make sure your business meets its goals. 

Amazon isn’t the only experience we have guiding small businesses. We recently participated in a small business program with Meta and helped those small businesses succeed in their digital marketing efforts on Facebook and more. Read more about the program, and how we helped launch campaigns and teach small businesses more about marketing. 

We love being an Amazon Partner. Sure, there are benefits just for us – but the biggest benefit is that it empowers us to empower you. When our clients succeed, we know we’ve done great. Contact us now to learn more about what we do as Amazon Partners and how we can help you.



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