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Earlier this year, we discussed Amazon Advertising’s new Posts beta. It was embraced with enthusiasm by our clients and we continue to find value in being an early-adopter

Since its release, our teams continue to learn more about Posts. And this week, the beta unveiled an update. Here we share what’s new, how to make the most of the beta, and what we expect moving forward.

Updates and New Features 

As a reminder, the Posts beta has a similar look and feel to a social media newsfeed. It was created to provide shoppers with a new way to discover and research products. Brands can access Posts within Vendor or Seller Central if they're Brand Registered.

Now, within the Posts beta, brands can leverage a new feature called ‘brand feeds’. Shoppers will be directed to brand feeds when they click on the profile banner of a Post. Here, shoppers will find a brand's exclusively curated content.

With this, published Posts are now displayed within a detail page carousel, the brand feed, category feeds, or related feeds. Brands may also notice categories included at the bottom of Posts. These send shoppers to related Posts within the same product category.  

Posts Beta
Posts Beta

How to Make the Most of the Posts Beta

Amazon Advertising announced the update to email subscribers and included two suggestions.   

  • Create new, high-quality posts to develop your brand feed.
  • Send traffic to your brand feed by sharing a custom URL.

In addition to these tips, we've found lifestyle imagery to be instrumental. Posts that mimic what shoppers see in their social media newsfeeds tend to drive strong click-through-rates. 

Written content is also influential in how a Post performs. When appropriate, our strategists include language that shows the brand's personality. 

Finally, consistency is key for Posts. If a brand doesn’t have at least three posts, the detail page carousels could pull from a competitor’s brand feed. These carousels also populate the most recent and highest-performing related posts from any brand on Amazon. Because of this, it's crucial brands are committed to publishing posts regularly. 

Marketplace Strategy Perspective 

In the future, we believe Posts could evolve into a new ad unit offered by Amazon Advertising. For example, Posts or brand feeds could show up within the SERPs for branded searches. Or, Posts could resemble something similar to existing editorial recommendation modules. If this happens, Posts or brand feeds would likely also appear within your brand store.

With this possibility in mind, brands that don't use Posts will miss out on opportunities to gain visibility. We recommend using Posts to position your brand to take advantage of its current and future potential.

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. Or, if you have any questions regarding Amazon Advertising’s Posts beta, feel free to contact us.

Posts Beta


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