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Amazon Advertising recently launched its Sponsored Display Beta. It's available to brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry via Seller Central, vendors, and agencies like Marketplace Strategy. This beta test has been anticipated since the launch of the Amazon DSP. Here we explain more about the beta and address some of the common questions we’ve received since the launch. Continue reading to learn more and for additional information about when to participate.

What is the Sponsored Display Beta? 

In Amazon Advertising’s email to Marketplace Strategy and its clients, the Sponsored Display Beta is described as a “self-service advertising solution.” It will allow advertisers to “access Product Display Ads audience and product targeting features within Sponsored Display.”

Essentially, Product Display campaigns have been rebranded as Sponsored Display Ads with enhanced with retargeting capabilities. Now, brands can reach customers that viewed advertised products and similar products while they’re off Amazon. As a result, they will be directed back to Amazon to make a purchase.

However, it’s important to know, there is minimal opportunity for customization. For example, because the retargeting is automatic, brands cannot adapt creative or exclude audiences. 

When to Participate and What to Expect 

For brands that don't run campaigns within Amazon’s programmatic Demand Side Platform (DSP), the Sponsored Display Beta is a good way to begin experimenting with high-funnel audiences. For brands already running on the DSP, adding Sponsored Display to their media mix for retargeting likely won’t add any additional value without customization.  

During experiments with this beta test, we've learned Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads usually perform better than Sponsored Display ads. For example, since Sponsored Product ads harvest active intent, they reach consumers when they’re ready to make a purchase decision. On the other hand, the retargeting done through Sponsored Display ads reach people that aren’t necessarily ready to buy but have shown interest in the brand. Rather than convert shoppers, Sponsored Display helps keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers doing product research. 

Engaging shoppers throughout their path to purchase -- not just when they’re actively searching for products -- can be challenging to measure, given Amazon Advertising’s last-click attribution model. For instance, a retargeting ad served off-Amazon can influence a shopper’s decision to return to Amazon and buy a previously viewed product. But, if the shopper returns to the site without clicking the retargeting ad, the ad won’t receive credit for the sale. That being said, brands using the Sponsored Display Beta will most likely see the impact of this tactic on lifts in overall sales and product display page conversion rates.

Getting involved in retargeting, particularly within new functionality on Amazon, can be a complicated proposition. If you could use the guidance of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. Or, if you have any questions about the Sponsored Display Beta, let us know.

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