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In November 2018, the MPS advertising team was among the first to complete the Amazon Advertising Accreditation Program as early adopters of its learning console. In February 2019, the learning console became available to anyone with an Amazon account. Through the learning console, brands can learn the basics of Amazon Advertising and become accredited. We’re here to break it all down and explain how Amazon Accreditation sets our strategists apart.

Amazon Advertising Accreditation

Anyone can become accredited through Amazon, as long as they have an account. The concept is similar to other major advertising platform certifications (such as Google AdWords). However, our strategists, many of whom also hold certifications from Google and other advertising platforms, believe Amazon Accreditation holds more merit. The process is rigid and tactical, requiring those who take the test to be truly fluent within the platform.

Our team at Marketplace
was invited through our agency relationship with Amazon,
and we’re proud to be an active participant in Amazon’s agency partnership
programs. Through this program, we were able to pilot and troubleshoot Amazon’s Learning Console before it came to

Since then, we’ve noticed a few updates, as
Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) evolved into Amazon DSP. Let’s take a look at
what the learn console consists of today.

The Amazon Advertising Accreditation course takes several hours to complete and covers topics from within the learning console. Users can access practice exams and knowledge checks throughout the console before taking the accreditation exam.

Here are the topics currently covered within
the learning console (as of April 2019):

  • Advertising Overview
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Reporting
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Products
  • Stores

Besides earning new and useful knowledge, accreditation holds strong value. Anyone with access to the Internet, a budget, and something worth selling can advertise online. It’s important to be able to identify a seasoned advertising veteran versus a novice.

Finally, advertising on Amazon is different
than advertising on another common outlet (Facebook or Google). Amazon
Advertising is becoming more competitive, complex, and is accelerating at rapid
speed. Recently, studies have reported Amazon starting to take advertising dollars traditionally
invested in Facebook and Google. These shifts require Amazon advertising
experts to adjust strategies for brands.

With advertising driving a third of Amazon’s revenue, it’s important to fully understand how to manage the nuances of the platform. We believe it’s vital for our team of strategic experts to stay up-to-date with Amazon Advertising Accreditation to provide the best results for our clients. We’re proud to have members of our team who hold early adopter badges and use their experience to directly benefit clients.

Our strategists are dedicated to advertising
on Amazon. Schedule a free consultation to learn more
about the potential your brand has to go to the next level.

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