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A+ Content and Premium A+
A+ Content and Premium A+

Brands on Amazon have the opportunity to leverage A+ Content to enhance their presence on the channel. There are a number of different uses for A+ Content and studies show it has a strong impact when used effectively. Now some of the most strategic brands on Amazon are taking Basic A+ Content to another level through Premium A+. Here we share the value of A+ Content and Premium A+ on Amazon. Continue reading for a look at the numbers and tips to get started.

What is A+ Content? 

A+ Content is available to brands that sell through both Seller and Vendor Central. It helps brands take describing a product and connecting through storytelling to another level. Brands have the option to use an array of modules to communicate with shoppers. It's commonly used to explain what makes the product or brand unique. 

In addition, A+ Content allows brands to educate customers on the value of the product in an effective way. It’s an opportunity to address any potential concerns and be proactive in lessening the rate of returns or negative reviews. 

What Kind of Impact does A+ Content Make? 

A major benefit of including quality A+ Content to a product’s detail page is improving its conversion rate and, subsequently, overall sales. Brands are encouraged to use a variety of module types and communicate all the information needed to make a purchase. 

According to Amazon, Basic A+ Content results in an average of a 5.6% sales lift and Premium A+ drives an average of a 20.2% sales to lift. These numbers stress the importance of optimized images and content across all categories. Amazon states products with quality A+ Content also see more repeat purchasers.

How to Get Started with A+ Content and Premium A+

Using A+ Content can be as simple as logging into your Seller or Vendor Central accounts and accessing the ‘Merchandising’ menu option. There are different self-service levels available and Basic A+ Content is free. Brands can also choose the 'Amazon Builds For You' option to learn how it operates. 

It’s important to note, Premium A+ does come with a premium price tag. Originally, Premium A+ was only available on an invitation-only basis, available at a range from $250,000 to $500,000 per product. We've noticed more clients and vendors either getting access or buying into Premium A+, but the price continues to vary. The option isn’t available to purchase through the click of a button. For now, brands need to discuss their interest with Amazon.  

Once brands gain access to Premium A+ Content there are 18 modules to choose from and apply to an up-to-7-module page layout. Implementation of Premium A+ is similar to Basic A+ and brands generally have a waiting period of several days until it’s published.  

Selling on Amazon isn’t for the faint of heart. There is always something to learn on top of the already vast knowledge required to succeed. It’s common to get caught up in one tactic or strategy over another. But, A+ Content and Premium A+ shouldn’t be overlooked in the grand scheme of a brand’s Amazon strategy. 
If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. As always, we’re here to answer any questions.

A+ Content and Premium A+


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