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A+ Content
A+ Content

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Selling on Amazon requires specific knowledge and the ability to pull all the necessary levers to grow sales on the channel. The levers of a holistic strategy include maintaining catalog health, a healthy mix of search and programmatic advertising, and creative design used to improve the shopper's experience. From a creative standpoint, A+ content and Premium A+ are now standard by brands across all categories. Perhaps this is because, according to Amazon, A+ content drives an average sales increase of 3 to 10%. Here we explain how this feature is used and share some examples to inspire your brand.

What is Amazon A+ Content and Why is it Important? 

Amazon A+ content is used by both vendors and sellers to better educate customers through visual storytelling. Creative strategists at Marketplace Strategy (MPS) help our clients communicate effectively and showcase important product features through their A+ content. 

When creating A+ content, it’s important to follow best practices by using high-quality imagery and a variety of image types. It’s also crucial to have strategic knowledge of Amazon. The visual nature of this feature makes it easier for customers to connect with your brand, but the technical strategy is also a key factor in driving conversions. For example, creative and technical teams at MPS work together to ensure all appropriate keywords are incorporated and that the client’s A+ content is well-optimized.

Examples of Stellar A+ Content

  • Brondell  uses icons, brand colors, and diagrams to highlight the product’s most prominent features and benefits within its A+ content. The diagrams answer everything a shopper would need to know before purchasing. They also include important instructions and dimensions to consider before selecting a size option.   

  • This example of one of Tyndale's bibles features a color scheme that complements the book’s cover throughout the A+ content. The copy used is easy to read and includes several calls to action. There is also a dedicated section that clearly highlights what sets this bible apart from similar titles. 

  • A sleek color scheme and layout can be found on one of TAO Clean's listings. The copy written for this A+ content calls out impressive statistics to help shoppers arrive at a purchase decision faster. Important product features are mentioned at the very top of the A+ content to get this information across right away. 

  • Hinkley Lighting leverages A+ content for its product by using a layout that’s easy to navigate. It prominently features the three most common use cases for this product and strategically uses icons to explain its key benefits.   

  • Trim-Lok highlights its product’s most important features and uses a number of images to convey the different situations in which it’s used. The A+ content also includes informative copy that explains the purpose of each feature. A section that showcases several lifestyle images helps to diversify the layout and show what the product looks like when in use. 

  • In this example from Dearfoams, A+ content displays three key adjectives to describe its product at the very top. This A+ content also uses a collage of images that showcase the product’s versatility. Other important elements include sections for related products and information about the brand. 

  • Foot Petals includes patent information and product dimensions within its A+ content. The different modules display the product’s features and appeal to the different problems it solves. At the bottom, Foot Petals includes a section for related products that have unique features and different uses. 

It can be challenging to prioritize creative and strategic design without proper resources or accessible skills. However, it’s important to remember, brands that fail to invest in this aspect of its Amazon presence can fall behind the competition. We encourage you to revisit your brand’s catalog to evaluate whether your product’s creative efforts are positioning your brand for success.   

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. As always, we’re here to answer any questions.

A+ Content


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