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Apparel is one of Amazon’s fastest-growing product categories. With an Amazon Best Sellers Rank in Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry, Baggallini utilizes Amazon’s full range of creative content to win over consumers. By implementing custom product images, an Amazon Store, and A+ pages Baggallini has ensured the consumer receives all the information they need above and below the fold to make a purchase on or beyond the product listing.

In Amazon’s Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry category there is the option to include up to seven product images. While most brands keep product images extremely simple, displaying only the product, Baggallini fills all seven slots showing all sides of the “bagg”. Baggallini includes custom product images, lifestyle photography, and text callouts to point out the bagg’s best and most appealing features.

How Baggallini Utilizes Custom Product Images

The main or primary image seen first in the search results is of the bagg, on a white background, with a slight shadow reflection underneath. The shadow reflection adds more interest in contrast to the other crossbody bags in the search results and immediately sets Baggallini apart from the competition.

Amazon Creative Content

The next two custom product images call directly to the bagg’s most appealing qualities. The first displays 4 different views of the bagg calling out features related to that view—anywhere from RFID protection, to the interior organization. There are various colors available for each bagg and therefore each color has its own custom image. The second image includes lifestyle photography showing the bagg in use and calling out that it is both lightweight and water-resistant.

Amazon Creative ContentAmazon Creative Content

The third custom product image focuses directly on the RFID protection capability of a large range of Baggallini’s products. A general image like this can be used across a large span of products (of which the feature applies to). This feature is highly important as it shows consumers there is anti-theft security, built directly into the lining of the bagg making the consumer feel safe about their future purchase.

Amazon Creative Content

The last custom product image keeps it simple in showing a diagram of the bagg’s dimensions. When reading descriptions and bullet points it can be difficult to fully visualize the size of the product, so this image takes the confusion out of the picture and displays it in an organized manner.

Amazon Creative Content

How Baggallini Utilizes Amazon Stores

Amazon Creative Content

Besides product images, brands have another chance to win over consumers above the fold—creating a custom Amazon Store. Consumers access the brand’s store in the Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry category by clicking on the brand’s logo located directly above the product title. Overall, make sure your brand’s Amazon creative content is consistent in style and quality across the board.

Baggallini takes a great simplistic approach and style utilizing blocks of color as buttons, including calls to action, and most importantly A LOT of lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography helps the consumer make a connection with the product and visualize the many ways and places the product can be used.

On the homepage best selling baggs are featured right at the top in various lifestyle images, along with a button for best sellers and a shop now call to action. The navigation in their store follows a similar organization as their brand website keeping everything straight forward and to the point.

How Baggallini Utilizes A+ Pages

Utilizing branded images throughout your brand’s Amazon creative allows a larger section of your catalog to have optimized and targeted content. Baggallini utilizes a branded A+ page that can be implemented across their entire catalog, showcasing their brand’s best features, lifestyle photography, and a cross-sell module linking to more of their products.

The first module (1 of 5) brings attention directly to the brand and brand tagline with a lifestyle image showing a consumer on the go. It's important to include the brand logo in this module as (besides the store link) this is one of your first chances to be brand forward on your Amazon listing. (Amazon denies product images including logos.)

Amazon Creative Content

The following modules focus on the brand’s best features. The second module brings attention to Baggallini’s brand pillars, showing that all of their products are organized, lightweight, and durable. The third module showcases various lifestyle images of best selling baggs, and the fourth module focuses on Baggallini’s signature features that are available with various baggs.

The last module is the cross-sell module and one of the most valuable pieces of Amazon creative. If the consumer has not made a decision yet this is one last chance for you to display more of your products they may be interested in. In this case, Baggallini showcases and links to 5 of their best selling products.

Does a Creative Content Strategy Really Make a Difference

According to Amazon, 90% of consumers look at every image of the product they eventually purchase and utilizing A+ page content to educate the consumer about your product and brand can increase sales on average 3-10%. While bullet points and product descriptions often go unread including highly visual, brand-focused, strategic Amazon creative content will help your brand be successful and increase sales on Amazon.


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