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Good marketers are always on the lookout for the latest way to gain a competitive advantage. For brands that sell on Amazon, there are unique approaches that require specific knowledge. In this post, we will explain the purpose of user-generated content, why it’s important, and how to begin using it in your Amazon strategy.

What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content can be an ambiguous term. It's leveraged in different formats, and as a whole, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Any content created by a consumer that’s public, shareable, and speaks to a brand or product is user-generated content.

Some well-known examples include Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign and Starbucks Coffee’s White Cup Contest. The goal of these campaigns was to turn happy customers into brand ambassadors. Using social media to share images of products can create a chain reaction of social sharing.

Why Does it Matter to My Brand’s E-Commerce Strategy?

User-generated content serves a greater purpose than creating social media buzz. It provides shoppers with a human connection they otherwise don’t have with a brand they find online. According to AdWeek, people respond to user-generated content more than branded messages from the company itself. It makes it easier for customers to build trust and loyalty when they see others’ opinions of a brand.

For example, product reviews are a critical form of user-generated content in e-commerce. They provide shoppers with unbiased proof of a product’s quality without having to see it in person. Reviews have a direct correlation to sales conversions. In fact, a product with 50 or more reviews will see nearly five times the sales of those below that benchmark. 

user-generated content

Increased sales hold more value on Amazon than improving a brand’s bottom line. A spike in sales velocity boosts products in Amazon’s search ranking and algorithm. 

How to Leverage User-Generated Content on Amazon 

On e-commerce sites like Amazon, in addition to creative, there is a more technical side to leveraging user-generated content. It’s the responsibility of brands to understand the capabilities of different advertising options that can push your efforts front and center. 

When implementing either Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands through Amazon Advertising, review counts and ratings can be displayed. As a result, these campaign types improve click-through and conversion rates. 

Brands that use DSP to supplement their search advertising, can include an excerpt of a product review in dynamic e-commerce ads. The CTAs in these ads change based on the buying behavior of the shopper. For example, if someone does more research before buying a product, they will likely see an ad with a review.

Focusing on this can make a strong impact for brands that have the knowledge to implement it into their strategy. Beyond advertising, your brand can set itself apart from competitors and earn reviews by providing a positive experience. Be sure to respond to inquiries quickly, and encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback.

Although Amazon changes and updates its algorithm, user-generated content will always influence a brand’s reputation. If your brand could use support from a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. We’re always here to answer questions about Amazon SEO and anything else about your brand’s presence.

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