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In this day and age nothing seems to be free anymore, but for Amazon Vendors 2018 started off on an uplifting note with the rollout of “free basic A+ page content.”

A+ Pages provide prospective customers with engaging and meaningful product information, helping them make informed buying decisions. By educating the consumer about your product and brand, A+ Page content can increase sales on average 3-10%, according to Amazon. The potential for increased sales came at a cost before, at $600 per unique A+ Page. With the availability of free A+ pages, Marketplace Strategy expects A+ content to become a new Amazon norm, almost as vital for brands as product images.

So what does this indicate for the future of Amazon A+ content?

Amazon has hinted about what is to come for A+ pages and the new, upgraded modules that will come at a cost. Sometimes referred to as A++ Content, these new “Premium A+” modules will allow vendors to embed video content, larger images, interactive displays and more comprehensive charts. Currently, these premium content modules are only available to large brands making significant investments with Amazon.

As these modules become more available to vendor accounts, we expect to see consumer brands placing a larger emphasis on ensuring their brand is well communicated on their Amazon detail pages.

Sam Jennings, Lead Amazon Strategist at Marketplace Strategy, says “The Premium A+ content we are seeing on the leading brands like Samsung, Dove and Bose is a peer into the future of how optimized details pages will look. Video, interactive displays and other features are all a means to creating a stronger, more modern shopping experience that converts shoppers at a higher rate.”

Bose has been one of the first to start utilizing the new capabilities of Amazon’s A+ module. With larger banner images that allow for a new seamless transition between modules, a dynamic gallery slider, a scroll over hot-spot to display product features and a video, Bose is able to better communicate to the customer their brand image and exact product benefits.

Check out some of their modules:

Dove is another major brand that has begun using the new features. The premium modules they utilize are very video and image heavy, allowing for the brand to express their body-positive messaging to consumers, something brands previously had restrictions on showcasing. Dove combines both video and images in a gallery, showing the complexity of these new modules. Their bottom module is a dropdown question and answer, allowing the brand to engage with the consumer. View their new modules below:


A+ content has proven to increase conversion rates, and if optimized correctly, will even increase sales. While brands may no longer have to set aside a budget for the basic A+ content—what’s on the horizon on the Amazon marketplace offers a great benefit to consumer brands and it will be a cost worth budgeting for.

A+ content has proven to increase conversion rates, and if optimized correctly, will even increase sales. With these pages now being free, every brand should be taking advantage. And here at MPS, we’re most excited for what’s on the horizon. It’s sure to offer a great benefit to consumer brands and will be a cost worth budgeting for.


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