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Key Industry Happenings & Platform Updates

It only took 19 days into the month before Amazon made updates to the AMS platform that completely changes the game. Needless to say, we are giddy. Check out our blog highlighting all the new features and what we think will have the most benefits for our clients: 

Looks like you’re ahead of the game, according to PwC! Their recent report, “10 Retailer Investments for an Uncertain Future,” names investing in an Amazon strategy as a top investment for 2018 and beyond.  

In unfortunate, but not so surprising news, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fee changes are coming. Mark your calendar for February 22, which is when the new fee structure rolls out. Here is what you need to know:

A couple of our top blogs from the month: 

  • Amazon Rolls Out Free Basic A+ Page Content for all Brands 
  • Seller Central Introduces Improved Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Builder and New Templates

Other industry news we found interesting:


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