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Christmas came a little late for our designers, but we think presents are good any time of the year! And Amazon has delivered with new “Modular Templates” for Seller Central’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). The new templates are very similar to Vendor Central’s basic A+ page modules with a few interesting differences.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

EBC allows brand registered Sellers to add branded content and imagery to the product description section of their branded product listings. This section can be used to draw attention to the brand, product features, to answer common questions and respond to critical reviews. This tool is free of charge.

EBC Restrictions

Amazon allows EBC to be heavily branded and include logos. Generally, they will reject images including:

  • Shipping prices
  • Promotions
  • QR codes
  • Personal information (phone number, address, email)
  • Competitor names
  • Time-sensitive information (‘now’, ‘new’, ‘latest’, ‘the best yet’, etc.)
  • Links to sites outside of Amazon
  • Copyright and trademark symbols

Typically, if these items are included, they’ll either be rejected, or Amazon will edit the image and remove these attributes.

What’s New

Five new templates are now available: Rose, Tulip, Orchid, Sunflower and Lily. One of the best new features we are most excited about is the Custom Template, allowing you to place modules in any arrangement you need.

The new EBC requires the first two modules to be a logo and a brief description. These modules are locked and must be populated. The remaining five modules can be arranged in any order. Like Vendor Central’s A+ pages, EBC now allows for modules that are much more image heavy.

Old EBC Template

Unfortunately, the single large image template has been discontinued. Listings currently utilizing the discontinued template have been left untouched (see above). However, the two large image template remains available, encouraging a highly visual EBC strategy (see below).

Updated EBC Template Option

EBC Best Practices

EBC provides prospective customers with engaging and meaningful product information, helping them make informed buying decisions. By educating the consumer about your product and brand, EBC content can increase conversion rate.

MPS considers it a best practice to design EBC with highly visual content. Also, leverage EBC banners, as they encourage the use of visual content.

Designing your EBC in a highly visual manner will break up your product detail page and grab the attention of consumers with effectively branded images. Also, be sure your images have the proper size and resolution requirements, otherwise they will be rejected.

Be direct and consistent. Keep the amount of copy in EBC to a minimum, making sure to communicate directly and simply. Develop the modules to highlight not only the best features of your product, but also the strengths of your brand. The design of your product pages should be consistent across the board and represent the tone of all your products and your brand.


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