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In the ever-evolving world of Amazon platforms, Seller Central made yet another change on the path to mirror Vendor Central this week by giving their Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) an “enhancement” in its offerings. Back in December, Seller Central rolled out new modular layouts and expanded the template layout options available to Sellers. This week, Amazon added two new features. These two features provide more content options to help inform customers about your brand and product features. This will also help customers with visual impairments to learn about your products

Six New EBC Content Modules

Sellers now have access to 6 additional modules: Comparison Chart, Single Image and Sidebar, Four Image Highlights, Single Image and Specs Detail, Single Image and Highlights and Image and Light Text Overlay. Sellers can find these modules in the ‘Select a new module’ pop-up when you add a module to your EBC template.

While in the past, EBC modules differed from those offered to Vendors for A+ pages, the new content modules are the same ones that have been made available to Sellers. The content module that they have added with the greatest benefit to Sellers is the ability to now use the clickable cross-sell module (pictured below), increasing likelihood of same brand sales. Read more about how we recommend using cross-sell modules in A+ pages, and now EBC, to drive sales. In fact, Sellers now have a leg up on Vendors by having access to a wider variety of modules, including the illusion of creating the large photo option (a client favorite) by placing two large banner images next to each other.

Add Image Keywords

The ability to add image keywords (alt-text) when you upload images in EBC enhances the customer experience for those with visual impairments. Image keywords do not appear on the product detail page, but are available on screen reader applications used by customers with visual impairments to learn more about your products. This also helps your product appear in search. Image keywords should consist of a simple sentence describing the image (e.g., “Blender on kitchen counter next to fruit and yogurt.”) and are required for all images uploaded to EBC.


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