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Selling on Amazon requires brands to juggle many strategic variables at once. And as a result, crucial areas of focus such as creative and content are often deprioritized. At MPS, we consistently stress the importance of having a strong content and creative presence on the channel. On our blog, we've shared tips to create stellar Amazon A+ pages, best practices, and examples for inspiration. However, we understand sales impact is most important to brands when deciding where to invest time and resources. It's simply not enough to offer guidance or share that we've been hearing about A+ more often during our conversations with Amazon. With that, we'll be sharing the latest statistics that support the value of Amazon A+ pages.

Performance-Based A+Page Statistics 

Over the years, Amazon has shared findings from a number of internal studies. Most have measured the effectiveness of its offerings including the performance of basic A+ pages and Premium A+. 

For this study, Amazon monitored more than 100,000 ASINs over 90 days. This study concluded basic A+ pages resulted in an average sales lift of 5.6%. However, it’s important to note, the effectiveness of A+ pages can vary based product price, category, and the quality of creative and content.

Amazon also reported Premium A+ content can result in an average sales lift of more than 20%. Ideally, brands would leverage Premium A+ with these statistics in mind. But as of now, Premium A+ remains a costly add-on. With that, we reinforce our recommendation for brands to take advantage of Amazon’s free option through basic A+ pages.

Examples of How A+ Pages Elevate PDPs

Dearborn Realestate Education

In this A+ page, Dearborn Realestate Education features other best selling titles to cross-sell listings in their catalog. Additionally, the brand plays to the customer’s interests through icons and visual storytelling.


Brands can leverage A+ pages to explain how to use products that require more consumer education. PUR does this through realistic and illustrated diagrams and proactively answers frequently asked questions.

Summer Infant 

When launching a new product line, A+ pages are useful in streamlining communication for all items. Summer Infant uses eye-catching colors to help shoppers become familiar with a collection of products.

Final Thoughts 

The time and expense of hiring creative designers have historically derailed brands from focusing on this aspect of their strategy. But, Amazon's sales lift statistics alone are proof that A+ is no longer optional. Not to mention, brands without a strong creative presence are giving competitors an advantage.

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, if you have any questions about how your brand can leverage A+, please contact us.

A+ Pages


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