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Demographic Data

Historically, demographic data was only available through ARA Premium or the DSP Audience Insights report. This recently changed, as Amazon’s Brand Analytics platform became accessible to registered brands. 

Demographic Data Available through Brand Analytics

The following demographic fields are accessible through Amazon Brand Analytics: 

  • Age
  • Household income
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Marital status

How can Brands Leverage this Data? 

Data is aggregated to provide a summary of who is purchasing a brand's products. At MPS, strategists consider this information throughout the development and execution of our client's strategies. It’s leveraged to ensure all aspects of a brand’s presence appeal to the most-engaged shoppers. 

Below are a few examples of how demographics can be used to refine and elevate strategies.

  • Product Detail Pages

Age, income level, gender, and other characteristics can influence how products are best positioned. MPS applies information from the demographics report to keyword research, bullet points, product descriptions, and creative assets to increase the chance page content resonates with the consumer. For example, if the average customer is female, women should be represented in the image library. If the target audience is budget-conscious, copy should reflect a product’s cost-saving benefits.

  • Catalog Expansion 

Demographics also come in handy when a brand wants to expand its catalog. Whether the target audience is predominantly single or married affects their wants or needs. The same can be said for budget-conscious shoppers compared to someone with disposable income. Understanding the consumer's priorities can increase the likelihood of new products, pack sizes, and variations being successful. 

  • Advertising 

Targeting is especially crucial to a brand's Amazon Advertising strategy. Demographics allow brands to identify audiences most likely to convert and segment accordingly. As a result, this data helps maximize ad spend with insight into high-performing keywords. Adjusting bids and budgets are much more effective with the knowledge of a likely shopper's search behavior. 

Final Thoughts 

Many MPS clients use demographics to compare behavior on Amazon to their website and other marketplaces. Regardless of how a brand uses this report, it's important to track the performance of any adjustments. For example, take note of traffic and conversion rates before and after implementation.

It's also helpful to revisit the demographics reports regularly to monitor trends over time. Data can be viewed on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. 

Identifying a brand's target audience on Amazon used to be a guessing game. Now, thanks to Brand Analytics, this information can be utilized for marketing on and off Amazon. 

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And as always, we’re here to answer any questions.

Demographic Data


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