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Invest in Amazon DSP
Invest in Amazon DSP

This year has been a roller coaster for many brands that sell on Amazon and other online marketplaces. Some brands have fared well during the onset of the coronavirus outbreak while others have been impacted negatively. Those that have been successful are selling essential products while effectively navigating pandemic-related challenges. For example, many brands have had to overcome supply chain constraints, shipping delays, and paused purchase orders, among other challenges. To continue positive momentum established during this time and set the stage for future success, many brands have decided to invest in Amazon DSP. Keep reading for four reasons why now is the perfect time to get started with Amazon DSP.

Reach Shoppers at Scale 

Search advertising on Amazon has always been competitive. But recently it has become more challenging for brands to efficiently run search campaigns as demand increases. By running DSP campaigns, brands can take advantage of what is, for now, a less competitive landscape. 

DSP also has the power to influence shoppers’ search behavior. Those served a DSP ad are more likely to use branded search terms instead of a generic, non-branded keyword. This is crucial because branded keywords are generally less expensive and yield better conversions within the search platform. The relationship between Amazon DSP and search advertising is unique but powerful. With a strong well-aligned strategy, they can complement and influence other’s success

Increase Brand Awareness On and Off Amazon 

Through DSP, advertisers can retarget shoppers that previously viewed their product and increase the chance of converting them into a customer. Outside of actual click-throughs of the display advertisements, retargeting continues to expose shoppers to your brand as they spend more time researching. Then, when they’re ready to buy, your brand is top-of-mind. 

DSP ads can be served on, the Amazon app, social media, and other websites and exchanges. Therefore, if targeting shoppers on Amazon itself becomes too crowded and expensive, reaching the same people on another platform can yield better results.

The Power of Retargeting 

Through DSP, brands can also retarget shoppers that have previously purchased their products. With this, advertisers can increase a customer's lifetime value and even grow 'Subscribe and Save' numbers. Brands also can retarget shoppers that have purchased from specific competitors, creating a new strategy for conquesting and growing market share. At MPS, strategists have seen many clients be successful with this tactic. This is especially the case on Amazon, where shoppers are more likely to be open to trying new brands.

Invest in Long-Term Success 

With current e-commerce sales still at record numbers for many brands, now can be a perfect time to focus on long-term strategy and maintaining momentum in the months and years ahead. Instead of driving immediate sales, DSP is helpful in increasing brand awareness. And, not to mention, brands that invest in Amazon DSP have access to invaluable customer data including demographics and insight into consumer behavior. 

Final Thoughts 

As mentioned, programmatic advertising increases demand. So before running campaigns, brands need to prepare their supply chains accordingly. With this in mind, DSP may not be the best option for brands still battling inventory issues due to the coronavirus. 

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, as always, we’re here to answer any questions about your Amazon presence or DSP efforts. Finally, if you’re curious about the positive effects DSP can have on a brand’s Amazon strategy, check out this case study and others on our website

Invest in Amazon DSP


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