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A leading consumer goods brand came to Marketplace Strategy in the Fall of 2018 with one goal in mind: Win Big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and in turn, beat Q4 2017. In addition to a robust restructure of the brand’s search advertising strategy, MPS deployed Amazon DSP Advertising, Amazon’s programmatic solution to expand the scope and targeting possibilities of the program.

Amazon DSP Advertising

Starting by supporting a Deal-of-the-Day Promotion in mid-October as a lead-up to the Turkey 5 weekend, MPS rapidly developed a highly flexible and granular account structure, reaching shoppers on, Amazon-owned Properties, and all of the major ad exchanges with highly relevant messaging.

By regularly monitoring and optimizing DSP, MPS was able to consistently increase advertising spend throughout October and November while maintaining a ROAS of nearly 12:1. Moreover, the effects of DSP rippled throughout the brand’s Amazon presence, leading to a 500% increase in organic search impressions, a 570% increase in product page visits, and a 330% increase in orders in the initial 30 days of the campaign relative to the prior 30 days, as well as driving traffic and sales on the brand’s own website.

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