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Amazon product images are one of the most critical parts of the PDP. According to Amazon, 90% of consumers look at every image of the product they eventually purchase. Consumers turn to images to quickly and visually understand exactly what they’re receiving, what features and benefits the product has, and what the quality of the item is like. 

In turn, brands can use imagery to build brand awareness, establish credibility with buyers, and even cross-sell other items in their catalog. The stakes are high with Amazon product images, and it’s critical to approach them strategically. 

Amazon Product Image Best Practices

A strategic approach for product images starts with adhering to Amazon’s product image requirements. Vendor Central product requirements include important guidelines like format, size, zoom and fill info, main image guidelines, and much more.  

Code3 Creative Strategists also utilize a number of best practices, unique to our clients and their categories. Some of our Amazon product image best practices include: 

  • Utilizing all seven available image slots
  • Incorporating video when possible
  • Creating attention-grabbing, highly visual content 
  • Use text that is legible on both desktop and mobile 

Amazon Product Images for Inspiration 

Just like product imagery, sometimes it’s easier to show than to tell, so keep scrolling to find some images for inspiration for your brand.


The above Candle-Lite Amazon product image is a great example of how to visually show consumers how to properly use the product. This type of typographic image can be utilized to deter potential negative reviews and keep consumers informed on how to best care for their items. This ASIN also includes a category-specific product image that can be found across the entire catalog, focusing on features such as burn time and fragrance story.


Don’t be afraid to use current events or seasonal trends within Amazon product imagery. Images within the product listing for Starbrite Performacide Disinfectant brings attention to Covid, and how its product can help consumers combat it in their own home.


Visually showing the size of an item within product imagery is critical. Consumers want to know exactly what they’re getting and look to the images to tell them. The above image from the Plants & Blooms Shop shows the exact size of the orchid plant using a diagram to be as clear as possible. 


The Amazon product images for Barco Clickshare are product-specific and unique to each ASIN in the brand catalog. Code3 Creative Strategists use color to bring the products to life and include the above image to show additional products to complete the set.


Don’t shy away from utilizing a variety of views, including close ups, for product imagery. The above zoomed in view of the Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier shows consumers exactly how the mist will work.


This product imagery for PUR Faucet Water Filtration System uses imagery to highlight the quality of the product, by showcasing certifications. The above image also compares the product to competitors. Keep in mind this isn’t always allowed by Amazon, so be sure to keep a close eye on the product listing and imagery. 

With a lot of eyes on Amazon product images, it’s important to use them wisely. Use a variety of creative techniques to accurately convey important product information, features, and benefits. Could you use some strategic support in taking your marketplace product images to the next level? Our Creative Strategists are ready to help! Contact us today.


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