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All digital marketing agencies try to dazzle prospective clients. But what’s behind that dazzle? And how do you know that the agency you choose can actually get your business where it needs to go? 

A results-driven digital marketing agency employs analytics capabilities to set and reach a brand’s KPIs. No matter how you go about establishing KPIs, a results-driven digital marketing agency uses analytics to strategize, and always learns from its data.

At Code3, we have an entire team dedicated to analytics. This means that every area of the agency (creative, media, and commerce) makes decisions for your brand based on data. This allows us to create campaigns that actually get results. 

Read more about what it means to be a results-driven digital marketing agency and how working with this kind of agency can help your brand succeed. 

How Can You Tell if An Agency is a Results-Driven Agency?

A true results-driven agency will have the following: 

  • Clear and measurable objectives
  • Transparent reporting 
  • The data and evidence to back it up, shown on resources like case studies

If an agency is truly a results-based digital marketing agency, they’ll be able to discuss their processes and reporting with you, and will engage in conversations about how they use data to make choices for your brand. 

At Code3, our analytics team works closely with brands and other departments. A dedicated team ensures data reporting is thorough, timely, and can help the brand and teams learn quickly and make adjustments to maximize ROI. 

Why ROI Is a Priority 

Return on investment, or ROI, is one of the most fundamental metrics to consider in all aspects of your marketing plan. A results-driven digital agency will put ROI above all else, considering both the ROI for the brand's investment in the agency, and broken down by campaign or initiative. 

An agency focused on ROI will also frequently mention ROAS, a more campaign-specific metric that helps determine the ROI for specific campaigns, ad sets, or ads. 

For both metrics, the idea is that they ensure the brand is investing wisely and can adjust if the investment doesn't have the value the brand needs or anticipates. 

When investigating an agency, make sure ROI is discussed frequently, and the agency has a specific understanding of how ROI works and the specific metrics they use to track it. 

Awards Shouldn’t Take Precedence When Choosing an Agency

Awards are a great thing, and we're not saying you need to find an agency that hasn't won any awards. We love awards – in fact, we have several! But when it comes to picking a digital marketing agency, we recommend that you look for one that stresses metrics instead of awards. A consistent, results-driven agency will serve your brand’s goals better than one that’s won a ton of awards. Because while awards are great and we support the agencies that win them, results and data aren’t usually what wins – even though results-driven agencies are the ones you really want to work with. 

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Business

As a result-driven agency, Code3 will work with you to create detailed reporting systems and provide regular reporting about your brand’s progress and campaigns. A results-driven digital marketing agency allows you to monitor how your doing, while we do all the work of making the marketing magic happen. 

You’ll get the most out of your investment with a result-driven digital marketing agency, and have the peace of mind of working with an agency that truly cares about you getting the results you want. 

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