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Brands that sell on Amazon are all too familiar with how frequently the marketplace can change. And changes often come about without warning. We understand preparing for adjustments to Amazon's search results and product detail pages isn't necessarily possible. However, it's how your brand responds that matters most. Here we offer a quick overview of some of the most recent changes and insight into how to navigate what's next.  

Trends Across Search Terms and Search Results

Our teams spend plenty of time researching trends in keyword research with a variety of clients. And sometimes an interesting or unexpected term rises to the top. Recently, 'Chlorophyll' became the #2 search term on Amazon increasing its ranking by tens of thousands of percentage points year over year. 

This tidbit of information likely doesn't impact most brands. However, it's important to understand the backstory behind how this happened. This rise in the rankings is a direct result of a viral TikTok campaign claiming a number of health benefits that Chlorophyll can provide. We consider this a prime example of how social media can influence an entire marketplace, even one of Amazon's size. With the support of a strategic partner, brands can drive traffic on Amazon through efforts on other major platforms.

Image and Video Updates 

Image Compression for Creative 

If you haven't noticed, when uploading imagery to product libraries and A+ pages, Amazon compresses them. This is an effort to keep the marketplace's site loading times down. However, it can result in the images becoming pixelated.

To combat this, our creative team aims to use higher resolution images if sizes allow. Unfortunately, there's not much else that can be done to bypass image compression. If anything, this serves as a reminder image quality doesn't always matter, but it should remain a priority.

Separate Video View on Mobile

As of several months ago, our teams began to notice videos appearing in the second image slot on mobile. Since then, this trend has evolved into an entirely separate slot reserved for video. 

Now, when shoppers are exploring product detail pages across many categories, they will see a specific video view on mobile. We expect this to help improve the shopper experience and ensure a brand's video efforts are more impactful.

Store Product Grid Testing 

Finally, we've noticed the add-to-cart button has gone missing within the product grid. This has been the case across our client roster and it comes and goes. This could be an indicator that Amazon is performing A/B testing to gather data on the add-to-cart button. Depending on the data collected, Amazon could remove it entirely. There's nothing for your brand to do other than be aware of this possibility.

Final Thoughts  

Again, we recognize how overwhelming it can be to keep up with and navigate the many changes on Amazon. However, we’re here to help and ensure our clients never have to worry about what’s next or falling behind. 

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, as always, we’re here to answer any questions about Amazon, other marketplaces, and any major digital platform.


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