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Transparency has been a digital marketing buzzword since the first consumer noticed retargeting ads following them around the internet. Trust issues within walled gardens continue to gain attention, and advertisers, platforms and publishers all need to work together to rebuild trust.

The key to gaining consumer trust is transparency within advertising. Improving trust can also improve consumer experience, and it is key to proving out the value of digital advertising.

Cookie-Less World

When Google announced a move towards greater privacy with a plan to end reliance on cookies, the industry began to scramble to find a reliable solution. Apple then shook marketers with the announcement of their App Tracking Transparency plan. The promise of the internet as a grand marketplace is impossible without user trust and the ability to measure success of marketing efforts. Fortunately, there are stakeholders working on solutions to protect privacy while providing advertisers a way to target and measure the success of their campaigns. 

Consumer Behavior Shifts, Marketers Follow 

Consumption of Connected TV (CTV) is one of the top industry stories of 2020.  But advertising dollars are not following the masses, yet. This is due to CTV already living in the cookie-less future.  Advertisers tend to stick with the tried and true method of linear TV advertising until they are able to understand the effectiveness and nuances of “emerging channel” campaigns.  That said, there are solutions that are able to tie the consumer journey together across all devices – all while still protecting privacy.

Ad Relevance

In order for consumers to respond well to ads, they should feel timely and relevant. Consumers seeing irrelevant ads leads to not only a terrible user experience, but is also a waste of marketing dollars. Additionally, consumers seeing ads that could potentially trigger a major negative response inevitably leads to a lower level of trust. Google’s recent efforts to give consumers better control over ads containing sensitive topics is a positive step towards improving consumer trust and providing more transparency into advertising.

Transparency should be a top priority when advertisers look for partners to help find new consumers and gain their trust. In order to achieve this, advertisers, platforms and publishers all need to work together. Transparency is the key to gaining consumer trust. 

Reach out to Code3 to find out how your team can create better-performing ads all while gaining consumer trust along the way.


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