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Americans trust Amazon more than they trust the government or the media. Now, Amazon isn’t only a helpful avenue for brands to consider, but crucial to be part of their strategy. Having a big name only goes so far in the world of e-commerce. Smaller, independent brands have made a major impact on Amazon. Building brand integrity and maintaining a solid reputation is important to sell products online. We dive into how brands on Amazon earn consumer trust through optimization and why it’s important.

Optimize Brand Presence and Build Integrity

There are many different factors involved in optimizing brand presence on Amazon. Copy and technical optimization need to be managed, and a design strategy implemented. We break this down into three categories for the purpose of this post. But, a brand’s optimization strategy should always be evolving as products and the landscape change. 


Optimizing copy on a product page usually involves the enhancement of titles, bullet points, and backend keywords. These elements aren’t effective if they aren’t aligned with Amazon best practices.

It’s important to have an understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but also understand that Amazon is unique to Google and other platforms, and not all of the same best practices that apply to these channels also apply to Amazon. 

When brands nail down the unique nuances of Amazon and optimize listing copy they can rise above the competition. This is especially true when it comes to combating third-party resellers. Brands who optimize copy will stand out among competitors that allow their listings to include off-brand and incorrect information. 


A brand’s creative presence isn’t optimized simply with good-looking images. It’s important to approach creative strategically since it often expands beyond a product listing onto Brand Stores and even off Amazon onto other online channels. Creative is used to showcase products as well as ensure the consumer has all the necessary information to make a purchase. 

Focusing on the creative aspect of a brand can go a long way when competing against brands that use Amazon’s default product images, or third-party resellers that may use iPhone photos or images of old packaging. 


Providing a positive user experience is essential to a brand’s success on Amazon. This is where catalog management ties together these efforts. Consumers are drawn to brands who have clean, consistent, and complete variations. Technical control and optimization of listings and brands’ catalogs also help combat third-party resellers. This is important to avoid confusing consumers along their journey. 

Amazon offers more than 12 billion products and the quality of content can increase discoverability and conversion rate significantly. Earning consumer trust is important to gain loyal customers and repeat sales. It takes a significant amount of effort to optimize and combat third-party resellers on Amazon. If your brand is interested in a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation.


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