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Through our work with clients of many sizes and industries, we approach Amazon as a complete ecosystem. To see an increase in sales and improve brand presence, it’s best for a dedicated team of experts to apply knowledge across the platform. Continue reading to learn how brands succeed with a holistic approach to Amazon.

Brands Need to Have a Proactive Presence to Succeed

Amazon’s platform involves a lot of moving pieces and is always changing. Because of this, third parties find new strategies to infiltrate brands' success. To remain competitive and up to speed, brands need to constantly monitor and maintain their catalog. For example, a clean variation system provides shoppers with a positive user experience, and can significantly benefit conversion rate as a result.

A proactive presence will help to identify opportunities and potential problems right away. Proactive brands can identify duplicate listings and rogue variations, and clean their catalogs become they become cluttered.

Catalog maintenance requires extra time and effort, but it’s worth the investment. Taking initiative on this front helps minimize the effect of third-parties.

What You Say and How You Say it Matters on Amazon

There are a number of different places brands can upload copy within Amazon to describe their products in an effort to make a sale. But, Amazon is much different than Google in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A brand’s approach to titles, bullet points, back-end keywords, and descriptions must be specific to what works on Amazon.

A focus on copy optimization is crucial to any brand’s holistic approach on Amazon.

Make Best Use of Opportunities to Build a Brand

The goal of A+ Pages and Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon is to catch a shopper’s eye when they scroll down the page. To do this, it’s best to keep copy simple, incorporate high-quality images, and make use of an array of available modules. These sections of product pages are free, strengthen brand equity, and can increase conversions.

Amazon Stores also provide a unique opportunity for brands to leverage strategic design, with the additional capability of multi-page navigation, video, and more. The same standards apply: copy and creative should be consistent across a brand’s Amazon presence.

Strategic enhanced content design is important to a holistic approach. It contributes to a shopper’s visual experience and can make the difference in whether they stick around to make a purchase.

Amazon Advertising is a Main Driver of Growth

Advertising is often a major component of successful marketing strategies, across channels. This is especially true for brands that sell on Amazon. The Amazon catalog is filled with listings from brands and third-party resellers. The cluttered landscape makes it more difficult for brands to grow organically. As a result, Amazon Advertising continues to play a larger role in brands’ strategies to grow on the channel.

holistic approach to Amazon

Brands that want to drive more new consumers to their catalogs need to advertise. Again, Amazon and Google are different, particularly when it comes to advertising.

A strategist who specializes in Amazon can help brands attain the best results.

As Amazon Advertising continues to expand its capabilities, it has become an essential layer of a holistic approach to Amazon.

These components -- and many others -- come together to form a holistic approach to Amazon’s ecosystem. It’s important to include each element in a brand’s strategy to ensure it’s a well-oiled machine. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how your brand can implement a holistic approach with a team of strategic experts.

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