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The role of social media continues to become more prevalent in our everyday lives. Especially during the pandemic as the desire for human connection increased during stay-at-home orders and quarantine. With this, there’s always room for more platforms to make a splash. The future of social media will likely include many releases of apps like TikTok and Clubhouse where user experience and content creation take new forms and offer novel ways to connect and engage. These apps underscore the growing interest of users who prioritize authentic connections and are looking for ways to creatively express themselves. 

Triller is one of the latest apps along this same vein. Touted as a social video platform, Triller serves up social media experiences you can’t find just anywhere. While Triller is a young app, and its future is relatively unknown, we can identify similarities between Triller and other popular platforms that could indicate what’s to come.

What Is Triller?

Triller is marketed as an AI-powered video app where people can easily create, edit, and share videos. Users can add music that syncs with their video, apply filters and effects, and instantly share videos with fellow Trillers or post to other social media platforms. The AI technology stitches together clips and uses effects to create fun, original, high-quality “music” videos. 

How Is Triller Different From Other Platforms?

If Triller and TikTok make you do a double-take, you’re not alone. The two are very similar, though a couple of things set Triller apart. 

The first is its assumed emphasis on the music industry. Users can listen to full music tracks on Triller, which isn’t the case on TikTok. In fact, one of Triller’s main features is the “automagic” ability to include music in the videos you create with just a couple of taps. You’ll see tons of music artist accounts on Triller, including Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, and more.

And second, Triller and TikTok use AI technology differently. On TikTok, AI assists in serving up content to its users. On Triller, AI is used in the video creation process, turning everyone into professional content creators. Video editing magically becomes less of a chore, which may help brands crank out content faster. 

What Can We Expect From Triller Moving Forward?

Any time we see celebrities and rising stars turn their attention to a new social media app, we start looking it in the eye. This has been the case with Triller, given its star-studded list of users. A 500% increase in month-over-month growth, 26.5 million active users, and a $28M round of fundraising tell us we shouldn’t blink.

Because users can stream directly through the platform, we see Triller as becoming a huge hotbed for artists, especially those in R&B and EDM. There’s a ton of star power here, plus the app is “buying” users from TikTok to grow its user base. And if there’s one thing every brand needs to succeed, it’s a good audience.

How Budding Platforms Can Fit Into Your Social Media Strategy

Whether you’re considering going all-in on Triller or another up-and-coming app, having the right tools and expertise in place to capitalize on the opportunity is crucial. At Code3, clients have the benefit of working with a supportive team of social media experts that have proven to be successful amid the rise of viral apps.

What sets Code3 apart is our forward-thinking approach and ramp-up capabilities that bring you value before you know you need it. We break down traditional silos and work cross-functionally to position you for success. And while it’s unclear how Triller will evolve and serve brands and advertisers, we’re ready to test and learn with our clients when the time is right.

If your brand wants to be a leader on the most relevant platforms with high-quality, conversion-worthy media, creative, and commerce efforts, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us with questions about Triller or other platforms. And, in the meantime, download a copy of our 2021 Platform Planning Guide to ensure you can be strategic and agile on today’s most lucrative platforms.

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