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At Code3, we aim to keep our clients as informed as possible. This often involves communicating new updates or discontinued features for their platforms of focus. Recently, there were two that came up in conversations with our clients and platform partners the most. Here we provide a brief overview of each to ensure you and your teams are also aware.

Discontinued: Facebook Store Visits Optimization and Reporting Beta 

First, in case you missed it, since April 1 of this year, Facebook discontinued its Store Visits Optimization (SVO) and Reporting beta. Additionally, related beta products, studies, and audiences for Store Visits have been discontinued. Any existing campaigns using these optimizations have been paused and marked as such within Ads Manager. 

As a result, our clients that were previously running these campaigns can no longer use the API to view or even estimate attributed Store visits. For now, we're working with our clients to leverage Store Traffic Objectives with Reach and Store Sales Optimizations to make up for this.

Product Updates for Lead Generation in Messenger 

Secondly, there have been several changes made to improve Lead Generation in Messenger. We outline them below to provide an idea of what you can expect moving forward. 

Lead Cloning: This update allows advertisers to convert any existing Lead Ads form to the CTMLG message template. 

Optional Questions: This allows advertisers to give users the option to skip designated questions. As a result, advertisers can still gather lead information without turning a user away if they don't want to answer a specific question. 

Question Explanation: In general, many users are unsure of how the information they're sharing will be used. To overcome this, the Question Explanation update allows advertisers to disclose their intentions. 

Carousel Questions: This feature allows advertisers to display two or more scrollable images. With this, users can better see the product when answering questions resulting in greater quality feedback.

We look forward to seeing what results will come to fruition because of these changes. Especially since messenger ads have offered our clients a unique way to connect with users on a deeper level. We expect these updates to improve conversions in some capacity.

Final Thoughts 

Regardless of whether these updates impact your business, it's crucial to be aware of shifts across digital marketing. In an industry that's ever-changing, this can be a challenge. This makes it more important than ever to ensure you're supported by the proper expertise. After all, a change of any magnitude could be a signal of something greater to come. 

Should you need support, or be curious about how Code3 can position your brand for success, please reach out. We’re here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

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