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product descriptions

Amazon product descriptions often fall to the bottom of a brand’s priority list when it comes to optimizing a listing. In fact, Amazon once tested whether this section was impactful enough to keep. For a time, descriptions were removed for some categories entirely. 

Product detail pages contain other compelling aspects like the image library, title, and bullet points. But even if most shoppers don’t read a product’s entire description, it’s still worth optimizing. Continue reading to learn how to write outstanding Amazon product descriptions.

Why Do Product Descriptions Matter? 

A product description is best used to highlight a product’s features and benefits while describing what it is and does. The purpose of a product description is to give shoppers enough information to have all their questions answered. Brands that craft strategic copy can compel someone to make a purchase and convert. 

Product descriptions can also be used to connect with shoppers and show a brand’s personality. It's important to have an understanding of your audience and communicate accordingly. 

This section of the product detail page also plays a vital role in how well a product ranks in Amazon’s A9 algorithm. A product’s title, bullet points, and description are key players in what makes a detail page indexable.

Remember, the product description can show brand personality and be more detailed than the bullet points. Any shopper that spends time reading the description is likely looking for a depth of more information. Make sure your product's description is thorough so shoppers can make a purchase decision.

Compared to Google, where people are likely only looking for information, anyone that visits and searches on Amazon is a potential consumer with high buying intent. Because of this, it’s important for brands to step into the shoes of shoppers and draft product descriptions designed to convert. 

Specs to Keep in Mind 

It’s important to approach every description individually. Consider the keywords and messaging that will best serve a product's success. 

To remain within the character limits, product descriptions should be no longer than 2,000 characters, including spaces. To ensure there is an appropriate variety of keywords, content specialists at Marketplace Strategy (MPS) use second and third-tier keywords to avoid the repetition of keywords used in bullet points. 

Touch on the qualities that make your product unique and better than others available on the channel. Take the time to explain how their purchase will make a difference to them or another cause. When writing a product description, remember what is important to you when choosing a product. 

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. As always, we’re here to answer any questions.

product descriptions


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