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Brands that sell products through online marketplaces face the threat of counterfeit products on a regular basis. The issue is so prevalent, the U.S. Government of Accountability Office found 40% of products sold online are counterfeit. Amazon has addressed this concern and provides its brands with resources to protect themselves. Here we share more about Amazon’s Brand Registry, how to determine if your brand is eligible, and how to get started. We also share our perspective on Brand Registry and how it has made a difference to our clients.

What is Amazon Brand Registry? 

Brand Registry is free, but enrollment requires brands to meet eligibility criteria. The program is designed to give brands more control over listings and ensure accuracy across their catalog. Brand Registry also includes access to programs such as Project Zero and Amazon Transparency

Why Does it Matter? 

Simply put, protecting your brand’s trademark is essential on Amazon. More than half of the products sold on the marketplace are attributed to third-party resellers. And, although there are many reputable resellers, there are also resellers with little-to-no relationship with the brand at all. Not having a grasp on third-party behavior can result in a snowball of issues. 

Brand Registry won't solve all these problems, but it’s key to leverage alongside a holistic strategy. Being Brand Registered also positions brands to win and keep the Buy Box. This is crucial to success because the Buy Box accounts for almost 85% of a product’s sales on Amazon.

Is Your Brand Eligible for Brand Registry? 

Before going through the enrollment process, check to see if your brand is eligible. Each country has different requirements, and in the U.S., brands need to be able to provide proof of either a text-based mark or an image-based mark. To enroll in Brand Registry, brands need to follow the three steps below. 

Amazon Brand Registry
Amazon Brand Registry

When you sign in to Brand Registry, you will also need the associated government-registered trademark number, a list of product categories, and the countries in which your products are manufactured and distributed.

How Has Brand Registry Made a Difference for MPS Clients? 

Brand Registry has played a critical role for clients at Marketplace Strategy (MPS). It has been game-changing for clients that face copyright issues and roadblocks when updating listings. Being Brand Registered has allowed MPS to more efficiently work through issues and to have a greater chance at success when pursuing a problem area.

Brands dealing with intellectual property infringements have been able to take advantage of Brand Registry’s Report a Violation tool. Access to this tool has allowed strategists at MPS to submit ASINs for review with ease. It also has made it easier to identify unauthorized content without spending time to track down the resellers responsible. 

Brand Registry has been a key resource for MPS when helping clients regain control of their listings and over their general presence on the channel. It has saved an invaluable amount of time that can now be spent on other strategic initiatives.

Selling products on Amazon isn’t always simple. But safeguards like Brand Registry can help ease the process and prevent larger long-term problems. If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. As always, we’re here to answer any questions

Amazon Brand Registry

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