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Over the years, Brandy Registry has become increasingly valuable. Most commonly, it’s used by Vendors as an added layer of support and protection. For Sellers, Brand Registry now offers a variety of tools and opportunities historically only available to Vendors. Here we share more and why Sellers should prioritize becoming a Brand Owner. Continue reading to learn about some of the benefits available to Brand Owners on Seller Central. Beyond the benefits originally available, such as A+ Pages, Stores, and Sponsored ad types, we'll dive into more recent features below.

Brand Owner

Brand Analytics 

We’ve outlined the importance of Brand Registry before, and we continue to recommend brands enroll. One major benefit to Brand Registry is access to Brand Analytics. Without Brand Registry, brands will continue to be limited to ARA basic

At MPS, our clients have directly benefited by being registered in many ways. For example, when Vendor Central updated earlier this year, clients gained access to Brand Analytics. Being registered, earned them Premium ARA reporting without the associated cost. 

And, on the Seller Central side, brands will have access to Consumer Behavior reports seen below.

Brand Owner

The Amazon Search Terms report, pictured above, allows brands to analyze keyword trends across Amazon. Here Sellers can learn more about search frequency rank, click share and conversion share, and more. Alongside this report, Sellers have access to additional consumer behavior reports. Market Basket, for example, offers insight into shopper trends and how they interact with products in a brand's catalog.

Search Term Optimizer 

To supplement the Amazon Search Terms report, Brand Owners have access to the Search Term Optimizer. This is a tool that assists brands with the optimization of backend keywords to improve ranking via Amazon SEO best practices. It makes it easier for brands to follow Amazon's guidelines and boost discoverability.

Customer Reviews 

It’s no secret customer reviews can heavily influence a shopper’s purchase decision. With that in mind, savvy brands use both positive and negative reviews to enhance their strategy. Registered brands can be much more efficient with these efforts by using the Customer Reviews Brand Benefit. 

This allows Sellers to be aware of products within their catalog that are low on reviews. And it sends a notification when a product receives a negative review. Without access to these capabilities, this process would be entirely manual.

In addition, registered Sellers can filter by star rating or time period to refine their efforts. And finally, there are three sub-features available; the ability to add a comment to a review, mark as done, or report abuse.

Virtual Bundles 

The opportunity to leverage Virtual Bundles can be a game-changer for some brands. What was once only available to Vendors, is now available to Brand Owners within Seller Central. Registered brands can group together two-to-five ASINs on one product detail page. 

Before this was a possibility, brands had to package all bundled products together. Now brands can bundle products without being forced to package them together. As a result, larger brands can save thousands of dollars by cutting out the middle man and unnecessary prep fees.  

Manage Your Experiments 

Registered Brand Owners have the ability to create A+ pages while those that aren’t registered don’t have this option. Further, registered brands have access to the ‘Manage Your Experiments’ feature. It makes it possible to run A/B tests for A+ content. With this, Sellers can use learnings to enhance their strategies and refine optimizations.

Recently, another testing feature became available within this section, A/B title testing. It allows both Vendors and Sellers to test and measure product titles and identify which perform best. 

Final Thoughts

Aside from the benefits highlighted in this post, becoming a Brand Owner via Brand Registry allows brands to level up. As a Brand Owner, there's more control over their presence and ability to compete. And, features are added regularly that allow Brand Owners to enhance their presence better market their products. 

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, as always, we’re here to answer any questions about your brand’s Amazon presence.

Brand Owner


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