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Sponsored Brand Video Ads
Sponsored Brand Video Ads

More than half of marketers cite video as the format that drives the most return on their investments. Now it's possible for advertisers to leverage video in their Amazon Advertising search campaigns. Sponsored Brand video is a new ad type that displays more prominently in search results than traditional Sponsored Brand ads. It was originally rolled out through a beta program and is now available to all brands. And, as of late January, these ads are serving on both desktop and mobile devices. Continue reading to learn more about Amazon’s Sponsored Brand video ads (SB+V) and how Marketplace Strategy (MPS) believes it will benefit clients.

The Benefits of Sponsored Brand Video Ads 

This new ad type helps products stand out among the competition by allowing brands to tell a compelling story and educate customers through video. Attracting attention is especially important in the changing Amazon landscape, as Amazon's search results are increasingly filled with sponsored and recommended products rather than those ranking organically.

Sponsored Brand Video ads are also appealing because they populate on both desktop and mobile search result pages. This means anyone who searches on the channel, regardless of the device they use, can be served a Sponsored Brand Video ad. 

It's also a self-service option, as opposed to Video in Search, and ads are simple to set up through the Sponsored Ads creative builder. With the strategic support, Sponsored Video ads can drive conversions and capitalize on the 64% of shoppers that purchase after watching branded videos.

What to Keep in Mind When Creating Campaigns 

Quality Sponsored Brand video ads catch the attention of shoppers and influence them to want to learn more. For this reason, it’s crucial for brands to understand their audience when creating ads. But, regardless of a brand's audience, Sponsored Brand videos should always include educational information and answer common questions. This type of content can help shoppers to make a purchase decision more quickly by providing information typically reserved for the product detail page.

According to Amazon, it’s also beneficial to show the product within the opening seconds of the video. We recommend trying to keep your videos between 15–30 seconds in length, focusing on one or two key selling points. 

Finally, consider the shopper's experience when being served this type of ad. Sponsored Brand videos play automatically without sound and can’t be viewed on a full screen. Therefore, it's essential to make sure any assets or on-screen text is readable on all devices. We also recommend including an ending slide to make it clear to viewers when the videos begin and end.

Marketplace Strategy Perspective 

Since Sponsored Brand Video ads are relatively new, there is currently limited competition in many categories. This means agile brands have the opportunity to take advantage of and potentially earn an impressive return on campaigns. 

Video is a format in which shoppers can understand a product’s benefits without having to take additional action. Traditionally on Amazon, most consumer education takes place on product detail pages, through product images, A+ content, bullet points, and the product description. With a video advertising option, brands can tell a story and educate shoppers without necessitating a click. Because of this, brands that advertise with Sponsored Brand videos can have a better chance of a conversion. At MPS, we have found success for clients that run this ad type within both branded and non-branded campaigns. 

We look forward to the development of this new advertising option and the success it will bring our clients. MPS is an official Amazon Advertising partner, and we would be happy to talk through Sponsored Brand video ads with your brand. You can schedule your free consultation today or reach out with any questions. 

Sponsored Brand Video Ads


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