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Livestreaming has become a part of our daily lives through just about every major social media platform. Next up to use this method is none other than Amazon, through Amazon Live. It gives brands a platform to engage with their audience. Although this isn’t Amazon’s first launch into livestreaming, this time around it’s giving brands more control. Continue reading to learn more about how brands are using Amazon Live and how to get started.

The format for Amazon Live is similar to an infomercial seen on popular channels like HSN or QVC. Vendors and Sellers use this platform to showcase popular products, demonstrate their quality and key benefits, and how they work. Brands are using Amazon Live through Amazon’s Live Creator app with three goals in mind:

Increase Sales Volume

Unlike Amazon’s first take at livestreaming with Style Code Live, brands now have the power to choose to promote any product from their catalog and host the video themselves. Before, Amazon had dedicated hosts for streaming and the program was restricted to fashion brands.
Amazon Live’s format includes a carousel shown beneath the video where brands can feature specific products. During the livestream, customers can compare products and instantly add them to their cart. A popular game sold on Amazon has already reported “significant” sales growth since using Amazon Live.

Provide an Interactive Shopping Experience

Similar to an Instagram livestream, customers can chat into a brand’s livestream and interact with the hosts. Customers can ask questions and gain a strong sense of what they will receive when they buy a product.

This is a unique opportunity for brands to engage with customers and influence their purchase decision. Otherwise, the chance to communicate directly with shoppers is limited on Amazon.

Use Amazon Live toBuild Brand Visibility

Amazon Live is an opportunity for products to be seen by more eyes in an engaging setting. Brands show how products work, are styled, or even used in recipes. Customers who like to see, touch, and have a connection with products will be more likely to purchase after watching an Amazon Live stream.

Brands use the Amazon Live Creator app to stream directly to desktop, mobile, and the app. The livestreams can be found on product detail pages, Brand Stores, and To reach even more customers than those who may see a livestream from a store or product detail pages, brands also can pay to promote them.

Amazon provides four simple steps to get up and running:

  1. Download the Amazon Live Creator app
  2. Log in with your Seller Central email address
  3. Follow the prompts
  4. Schedule a livestream or go live right away

No matter what kind of products a brand sells on Amazon, anyone with a Seller Central account can reach customers through Amazon Live. Amazon is constantly rolling out new updates and opportunities to increase sales and improve brand presence. Stay on top of these changes and new avenues to succeed.

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