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It’s no secret Amazon is a vehicle used by brands of all sizes. You don’t have to be a major player to successfully use its marketplace and tools. In fact, Amazon has added 50 new tools (and counting) this year designed to help small businesses. A huge driver for supporting small businesses is based on Amazon listening to seller feedback. Continue reading to learn more about these new tools, how to use them, and why Amazon is embracing small businesses this year.

Why Amazon is Embracing Small Businesses

One simple fact explains why Amazon invests effort and money into small businesses. They account for more than 50% of its sales. It’s also hard to ignore small businesses who sell on Amazon, according to Forbes, created almost one million jobs across the planet. Amazon is embracing small businesses because it realizes major brands aren’t the only ones to make an impact.

What to Expect From Amazon’s Selling Partner Summits?

Although all currently scheduled sessions are sold out, Amazon operates Selling Partner Summits for Small Businesses to hear directly from them. You can add yourself to the waiting lists if you’re hopeful for a spot. This is disappointing to those who weren’t able to reserve their seat, but it’s a great sign for what’s ahead.

These summits will take place in four cities across the country in 2019, and will serve as a unique opportunity, as small businesses have the chance to tailor their experience to meet their needs and interests. Amazon’s agendas leave no stone unturned. If successful, keep an eye out for more events like these in the future, so your brand can be in attendance.

How Can Brands Access More Forms of Education?

Amazon recently overhauled its Seller University platform. Now, small businesses have access to live learning that can help them through challenges. Seller University provides the opportunity to self-service assistance when a brand is eager to learn or solve a problem.

Brands can also register for a webinar hosted by Marketplace Strategy. While our webinars focus primarily on strategies for Vendors, our strategists share a unique perspective and invaluable information. Our resources tab is always evolving with educational content for both Vendors and Sellers of all sizes.

Why is Project Zero Important to Small Businesses?

Any size brand on Amazon can use Project Zero to fight against counterfeit listings. This is especially useful to small businesses because it offers automated protection, self-service tools, and the ability to serialize products. Project Zero saves small businesses a ton of time and extra resources. This tool helps ensure customers receive the product they expect and boost brand credibility. Small Business Trends dives deeper into additional tools Amazon released with small businesses in mind.

If you’re a smaller business once intimidated by the grandiose scale of Amazon, you have support from the most important resource of all: Amazon itself. We look forward to seeing where Amazon directs its support of small businesses in the future.

If you’re a brand who believes you can be doing more on Amazon and need support from a dedicated team, let us be your resource.


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