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After Twitch tested its advertising integration with Amazon DSP in Canada, it’s now available for advertisers in the US. This is exciting news for the teams at Marketplace Strategy (MPS) and our clients looking to try something new. With more than 45 million unique visitors each month, Twitch offers brands a massive reach beyond what they’re currently achieving through Amazon and other advertising platforms. Continue reading to learn more about its availability via Amazon DSP. 

What Kind Of Consumer Uses Twitch? 

To further explain just how many people are using Twitch, the platform has an average of about 17 million daily visitors. Its audience is made up of mostly young men that are 34 years old and younger. And, although it could be considered a gaming-only platform, its audience actually has a range of diverse interests. In addition to gaming, those interested in cooking, film, music, and beyond come to Twitch to consume content. With this, there are many brands, outside of the gaming industry, that could leverage the platform to gain exposure and customers through advertising.

How Can Advertisers Reach Twitch Users? 

It's important to note, Amazon DSP is the only way to reach Twitch users when they're not on the platform. Our teams have also found minimal overlap between Twitch audiences and Amazon audiences. This means brands have a significant opportunity to reach new people when they target Twitch users via Amazon DSP. 

Targeting can be done through standard DSP for video campaigns that are running on Twitch inventory. For best results, we suggest running a targeted campaign and untargeted campaigns simultaneously. This way, the targeted campaigns don't unintentionally exclude relevant users that may be uncategorized by Amazon's data model.

Ad units include a non-skippable video that's arguably better than any skippable online video option. To a degree, these videos can be more effective than OTT/CTV. This is because Twitch users come to the app for a peer-to-peer experience rather than simply viewing or streaming through another app.

Why Should Your Brand Test Twitch? 

Again, people consider Twitch a destination, and its audiences are highly engaged. On the platform, people communicate and interact with other users and are usually fully engaged. This is the ideal landscape for advertisers as they can be confident their ads are reaching someone that's focused. 

A few of the platform's statistics can further prove how its audiences could be lucrative to brands. First, Twitch video ads are typically viewed up to 8 times as long as a Facebook ad and twice as long as an ad on YouTube. Then, pre-and mid-roll video drives more favorability and conversion than Facebook and YouTube. Finally, 54% of its users would buy a product or service for the experience of being part of the associated community. 

With all the above in mind, brands are already finding Twitch to be a driver of incremental market share and overall growth.

Final Thoughts 

Given its scale, and the incremental reach possible,  we expect brands to begin adopting Twitch quickly. With this, we encourage our clients, and brands throughout the industry to capitalize on this opportunity. As with any marketplace or social platform, being an early adopter can make a major difference in a brand's success.

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, as always, we’re here to answer any questions about your brand’s presence on Amazon and other marketplaces. Finally, should you be interested in learning more about the results our clients experience through a partnership with MPS, check out these resources.


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