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This might sound like common sense to most, but a trend we've seen when a brand starts treating Amazon as a marketing tool is they often forget to transfer over their traditional brand elements. Transitioning your brand to Amazon is not as hard as you might think. Take inspiration from your existing digital presence: your website, your current digital marketing, and your social media. These existing assets almost always translate successfully to Amazon product images, A+ Pages, Enhanced Brand Content, and Amazon Stores. With little editing to fit Amazon’s standards, your existing digital marketing assets will immediately add value and speak to the consumer.

Make sure to have dimensional images of all sides of your product. If there is any question in the size of your products create custom measurement images of the product outside of its packaging. Utilize your brand’s style, fonts, and colors. Amazon often provides extremely simplistic and unattractive images for measurement that add little to no value and are often more confusing than helpful.

The biggest brands don’t always dominate on Amazon, as they do in retail stores. Many times the smallest brands are the ones that are winning on Amazon, and that's because of the micro-focus and time they're able to provide to the channel.

So, although your brand may not have to do this in most spaces, one of the most important things to bring attention to on Amazon is the brand reputation. The most effective way to do this is calling out features and reassuring taglines in your Amazon creative, most importantly above the fold in your product images (which Amazon states that 90% of consumers look at every image of a product they eventually purchase).

We've included some references here of a few brand websites and how our creative team translated that into Amazon specific branded content:

Wendell August Website

Wendell August Amazon Store

Bella Portofino Website

Bella Portofino A+ Page

Bella Portofino Store

Crush Website 

Crush Product Images

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