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Title Testing
Title Testing

Many factors contribute to a brand's success on Amazon. Hence Marketplace Strategy's belief in a holistic approach. Among what’s important is having thoughtfully crafted content throughout a brand’s catalog. This requires staying updated on the latest information and evolving with the channel's constant changes. That’s why Amazon's A/B Title Experiments feature is exciting to MPS strategists and brands throughout the industry.

Split Testing Titles on Amazon

Title Testing
Title Testing

Amazon's A/B Title Experiment feature is an exciting addition to both Vendor and Seller Central. It allows merchants to execute split tests on product titles to see which one performs best. Prior to this feature, brands could execute A/B title testing only through third-party applications. Now that brands have this capability within Amazon's platforms, they can cut out the middle man and streamline efforts.

Why Does it Matter?

Product titles on Amazon are very influential in the success of a listing. Because of this, it's imperative product titles include the information a shopper is searching to find. However, it's not always easy to decide which feature, benefit, or keyword is essential with a limited character count. 

With help from Amazon's A/B Title Experiment feature, brands can more easily ensure titles are conversion-worthy. Similar to the classic A/B testing model most marketers are used to, this tool allows brands to test the performance of two titles against each other. 

During the test, important metrics such as conversions, sales, and impressions for each title will be recorded. Testing length can range from four to 10 weeks, but the recommended length of time is between 8-10 weeks. The longer the experiment, the more information you can gather to make educated decisions or adjustments.

What Products are Eligible for A/B Testing on Amazon? 

Like many other features available through Amazon, to be eligible, brands must be Brand Registered. And, in our experience, testing may not be available for all ASINs in a catalog. 

For now, Amazon is only allowing A/B testing on high-traffic ASINs. This could vary by category, but in general, qualifying ASINs drive at least a few dozen orders weekly. Also, keep in mind, ASINs must have enough traffic to generate a large enough sample to be considered viable.

Brands that wish to test an ASIN that doesn't yet qualify could consider how to increase traffic. Quick recommendations include re-optimizing product detail pages and paid advertising.

Final Thoughts 

While A/B testing is currently only for product titles, the opportunities to gather information are endless. For example, MPS strategists use this tool to test verbiage, keywords, title length, and more. Amazon's A/B Title Experiment feature has made it easier to tap into the mind of consumers. And, as a result, all titles within a brand's catalog can be set up for success.

Not sure where to get started? If your brand needs support from a strategic partner or has any questions about this new and exciting feature, we’re here to help.

Title Testing


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