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Editorial Recommendations
Editorial Recommendations

Amazon's search results continue to prioritize sponsored placements. In fact, one out of 10 product pages visited on Amazon is attributed to sponsored content. With this, there are fewer organic placements making advertising necessary to remain competitive. A stand-out placement, and a topic of interest among MPS clients, is Amazon's Editorial Recommendations. Here we offer strategic insight and considerations for brands.

What Brands Need to Know 

Editorial Recommendations are funneled through Amazon’s Onsite Associates Program. Within the program, third-party contributors provide full-length articles reviewing a product. This is where shoppers are directed when they click ‘Read the full article’ within the ad unit.

In the search results, Editorial Recommendations are usually positioned between a sponsored product placement and an Amazon Choice shoveler placement. They’re larger than most sponsored ads, and size alone encourages shoppers to pause and consider a brand’s listing.

Editorial Recommendations
Editorial Recommendations

Aside from aesthetics, content within Editorial Recommendations sets them apart. They’re comprised of what's referred to as ‘social proof’ and consumer-generated content. In other words, they're reviews from unbiased customers. This makes Editorial Recommendations trustworthy, and most importantly, conversion-worthy.

How can my Product Earn this Placement? 

A common question MPS strategists receive is, “how can we get an editorial recommendation?” However, it’s not always a simple answer or a one-size-fits-all response. 

First, products are required to have 100 reviews and an average of at least 4 stars. Other benchmarks include a minimum of $30,000 in monthly sales, sufficient inventory, and a Best Seller Rank within the top 20% of its category. 

While meeting the criteria set by Amazon helps, we strongly encourage brands to work with a public relations expert. Through a PR agency or in-house PR efforts, brands can gain access to Amazon Onsite Associates. This will eliminate the uncertainty of relying on the off-chance a product will earn an Editorial Review on its own.

More Strategic Insight 

Amazon has a specific list of prerequisites for a reason. And, it goes without saying, we've seen the best results with products that have a history of strong sales and positive reviews. 

Not only are they more likely to successfully earn the recommendation, but they garner the most momentum after the fact. Meaning, once the placement is secured, brands often see residual traffic and sales throughout their catalogs. 

While acquiring this placement seems complicated for now, we expect more developments in the future. In fact, several MPS clients have noticed an option to enroll in a 'Creator Connections' beta. It's possible Amazon is working on providing brands a direct line into Editorial Recommendations (for a price, of course). 

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. As always, we’re here to answer any questions about your brand’s strategy for Amazon and other marketplaces.

Editorial Recommendations


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