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Over the last two weeks, brands may have noticed a major drop in impressions for Sponsored Product campaigns. We understand why advertisers would be concerned if impressions decrease. But there’s likely no reason to believe this will be a long-term issue. Continue reading for what we’ve observed from our client’s Amazon Advertising data.

Impressions Decrease for Sponsored Products

Across our client roster, campaigns reported a decrease in impressions for Sponsored Products during the week of March 22. Below is the impression and clicks data for 10 sample accounts.

Impressions Decrease

Placements on Product Detail Pages (PDPs) were most heavily affected. 

Increase in Rest of Search Impressions

When MPS analysts noticed impressions decrease for PDP placements, we dug deeper into our clients' data. Instead of finding a widespread decrease, impressions increased for Rest of Search placements. This sample of clients also saw a slight increase in Top of Search placements.

Impressions Decrease

Marketplace Strategy Perspective

Amazon has historically placed a heavy focus on customer experience. But the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in product shortages and delayed shipping windows. And although Amazon hasn't publicly addressed decreases in impressions, we can speculate. 

Although we’re not entirely certain, Amazon likely reduced sponsored placements to make room for organic placements. Doing so makes it easier for shoppers to find relevant products. And since COVID-19, we’ve seen smaller businesses that sell on Amazon negatively impacted. This adjustment could also be Amazon's way of helping those that currently can't afford to advertise continue to make sales. 

From a brand perspective, our clients' advertising campaigns have maintained click volume. But due to decreased impressions, click-through-rates have spiked. And despite these sudden fluctuations, RoAS has remained consistent.

We believe impressions will stabilize as Amazon continues to navigate the impact of COVID-19. And we're here to assist with any questions about shifts in impressions or your Amazon Advertising campaigns. In the meantime, if you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation.

Impressions Decrease


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