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Working from home can be difficult when you’re used to being surrounded by your teammates every day. Long days spent at home can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnect, which often lead to a sharp drop in team morale. At MPS, the adjustment from our in-office culture to remote work has been significant for employees.

As a company, we understand morale is a key driver of productivity and engagement. When morale is high, the MPS can reach its full potential. But when an entire workforce is working remotely, this is something we've had to nurture. MPS has been committed to finding new ways to work together and communicate. This way, our teams still feel our culture in their own homes.

3 Ways MPS Brought our Office Culture to Our Homes

Staying Connected: From Slack, to Google Meet, to Zoom- we use it all. Aside from work-related communication and virtual meetings, video calls are our new normal. Even if it's just for a quick question, our team has prioritized "seeing" each other on a regular basis.

In our typical office environment, we have communal areas. For example, we often congregate in the kitchen, on couches, and at the ping pong table. But, when working from home, it's easy to notice this is now missing.

MPS hosts a weekly happy hour and bi-weekly Lunch & Learns. Our teams also meet every Monday morning and have created a new learning series. Our parent company, SocialCode, also hosts a variety of interactive virtual events.

Living Out our Core Values: MPS leadership has continued to remind our team on how our day-to-day work feeds into the bigger picture of the company. The team is always informed of the current state of the business, even during an uncertain pandemic. With this, team members can feel empowered. Each of our core values has been practiced during this time, partner with clients to transform their brands through online marketplaces while creating a company that attracts, empowers, and retains remarkable people.

Notes of Gratitude & Recognition: Morale is boosted by new opportunities to learn and engage. But MPS has also reassured team members of their value. We have two Slack channels dedicated to this, #WinningWednesday and #goshthanks. At our weekly meeting, leadership uses these channels to shout out employees by name. And, during our monthly meeting, teammates can nominate each other for a Core Value Award. All of this has taken on a new meaning as we work remotely.

Finally, MPS mailed our favorite laptop stickers from StickerMule with a note of gratitude. This was a fun way to remind our team of how much MPS cares and add another sticker to their collection on their laptops. Since we are remote through Labor Day, we hope to continue this by having our design team bring our Core Values to life in a sticker series.

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